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    me too!! me too!!!

    I’m brash and loud and I love loud colours 😉

    thanks Lady B :kiss:


    Knew you would like the sock comment Anja.

    Hey Lady B – thank you for organising!


    I’m in!

    I love gardening and spending time in the paddocks with my animals. I love animals especially alpacas, chooks, ducks, my goat and sheep, cats, dogs (enough already)

    I like sewing, knitting and weaving when I get time, love purple but also most other colours except pink

    Anything and everything really:lol:



    Iam in thanks lady B, I have sent a person PM

    Now about me hmmm… practical, natural and earthy type colours, love farm animals, gardening, cooking and native plants and of course just love surprises and crafty things… just surprise me I love these swap things

    Letter4mc – Mel :hug:


    Many thanks for organising all this for us [again] LadyB. :kiss1: :hug:

    I am in! hi haf pee hemmed u LaidiBee. :tup:

    For my swap buddy:

    I love embroidery, quilting, talking, reading, animals and people.

    I’m not into bright colours or earthy colours. Love aquamarine, burgundy and greens and pastels.

    Am heavily into essential oils and complimentary health area.

    I just love receiving pressies so it doesn’t matter what I am sent, I will love it. :clap::clap::clap:



    Hi all – Lady B, I’ve sent you a PM.

    I’m a relative newby so here’s some info about me (this feels kind of weird :)).

    Just moved onto new property of 10 acres with no garden whatsoever, yet. Definitely don’t need anything for inside the house, got far too much as it is. I like to read, knit, sew, cook, take photos, garden and sing very loudly and badly. I have got 5 cats, 2 dogs, 2 horses and 4 birds at the moment with chooks on the way. I hate having cold, wet feet and bite my nails. Not fussy about colours or style – eclectic is good. I drink, smoke and swear far too much for anyone’s good and am closer to 50 than 40 years old. Smallish person without a grey hair on my red head (thank you clairol) and big feet. I love nice smelly things like candles, soap, incense, bath oils and salts etc. In fact I’m damned easy to please. I also love note paper, scented flowers, pot pourri, walking in the rain and the sunshine and fishing.

    Hope that’s enough to give my buddy an idea or two. Oh, I also love my family and today I hate my dogs but tomorrow I’ll love them again.




    yAY!! I’m in.

    I love swaps. The pleasure of giving, and the excitement of receiving a present, homemade with love, is just awesome!

    I love growing things, knitting, am a novice crocheter, love the colour green, love nice smelling essential oils. I’ve just started making soaps, and would like to get into making lotions and potions. Very into health and wholefoods and nutrition.

    I love growing beautiful food, creating a beautiful meal with it, all the while, smelling beautiful with lovely homemade soap/lotions whilst I’m doing the gardening and cooking stuff haha! (This is what I like to do in my ‘spare’ time, when I’m not running around after two small people.)

    I’ll be happy with whatever my swap buddy chooses to gift me with.

    Love love love

    sewing lady

    I’m in! I just love this.

    Thank you Lady B.

    My House colours are Blue, apricot and White Wit a bit of black, but mostly anthing will suit.

    I like sewing and embroidery and drawing and gardening.

    I have very bad Psisoris and can only wear natural fibers, but no wool or anything like that unfortunatley. I love smellie things or beautiful things to look at, and anything handmade is beautiful.


    Oh dear…I forgot to leave a description! 😀

    I love the colours aqua, green and purple, and earthy tones but bright! Not really a pastel girl. My favourite seasons are the very beginning of spring, and autumn! I have a nice cottagy feeling house, with loads of wood and hippy accessories 😀

    I like making soap, hand creams, lip balms and bath stuff for the pampering of the body and mind. I sew, I paint porcelain, I do pyrography (woodburning decoratively), I cook, I garden (when the weather is better!), and I love the outdoors. I like to read, ok…so how about the fact that whatever my tradey sends, I’ll love! :kiss1:

    Eira Clapton

    Hey I have time to do this -on leave for another 7 weeks so I am in!

    Will be happy with anything my swap buddy can do, but as for hints, I have a special fondness for cottage decorating, and can’t use soap due to allergies.


    Well, like Mr Incredible says “I’ve still got time”…been very busy but surely I have time to fit in what sounds like a fabulous swap. What a great idea! I love giving pressies, although making something for someone I don’t know might be weird!

    I’m new to ALS so a little about me…mum to little ones, business owner, keen gardener, love animals especially golden retrievers (training one atm). Getting more edibles growing, learning to make yoghurt, want to learn to make cheese. Love to cook, love to eat! Getting into organic food more and more. Love scrapbooking and anything creative. My favourite colours are blue, blue and oh yeah blue. Not into pastels, or green or orange. Like funky modern stuff as well as earthy stuff. Love textures. Enough? Most of all love surprises! so I’ll be happy with whatever!

    How exciting!!

    boy wrangler

    I’d love to be in too, but I only knit! Love doing shorties and longies for cloth nappy covers if that matches up with anyone! 😉

    A bit about me, mum to two boys, 2yrs and 3mths, we’ve just started our own veg patch, love food and cooking, I love green and “natural” things, and generally pretty easy going!

    How exciting, I love swapping!


    boy wrangler – ‘only’ knit? knitting is more than enough! You cook too? In the last home made swap I received jars of home made relishes, jams and pickles, it was DIVINE!! Some made cookies for ther swapee. Or a scrap book with some of your favourite recipes?? You have a vegie patch – what about seeds you’ve saved or some plant cuttings or dried herbs for tea? There are lots and lots of things we all do everyday that we don’t think of as home making but it all is!!

    Lady Bee

    Wow, well over 20 swappers already! Fantastic. Keep those PMs coming in, folks.

    Also, got to say, it’s great to see some of our new members joining in. Nothing like a swap to make you feel part of the crew.

    I might even join in this one myself!

    boy wrangler

    Thanks Anja, when you put it like that I can do heaps! :clap:

    I guess it is easy to overlook the “everyday” things!

    Bring on the swap!!!!!

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