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    Lady Bee

    Time for the Hand Made Swap to kick off.

    For those new to swapping, have a read of this:

    Swap Rules

    What to swap: Any item which has been handmade – this could be something you have made yourself or that someone else has hand made. It could be knitted, sewn, baked, chiselled, sculpted, moulded, etc. etc. Use your imagination and creativity.

    How to Register: Send me a PM by Tuesday, 9th June, 2009 Include your postal address in your PM PLEASE.

    Swap buddies will be assigned by Sunday 14th June.

    You will then have until 31st July to send your parcel to your buddy.

    As we’ve had a few newer members express interest, lets be kind to everyone by posting in this thread a bit of info on yourself so that your swap buddy doesn’t have to put a strain on the search function.

    So, who’s in?

    Don’t forget, you MUST send me a PM with your postal address in order to register!


    OOOhhhh lady B. Im in πŸ˜€ As always. πŸ˜€


    I’m in!! Have PM’d

    To who ever is my swap buddy – I like everything, but especially surprises!

    Thanks Lady B for organising this again, your efforts are much appreciated!!


    Count me in!!!! Love swaps!

    I like most things too. If ‘he who wants to use his chainsaw’ wants to make an aromatherapy box out of said chainsaw … πŸ˜† :rol: Has image of Texas Chainsaw Masacre but it being a small piece of wood instead of people.

    Seriously – I liked everything on the swap idea list so go your imagination. I am a bit quirky so if you are using textiles – I love bright colours or intersting patterns.

    In case my swap buddy is making anything like socks or apron or something of similar style – I am a no football player. Mens 7 shoes, 166cm tall, medium – large sized. Love cooking, getting dirty in the garden, and am just learning to sew.


    ooooh yes please I’m in!!! πŸ˜€

    PMing now.

    For my swap buddy..I am organic gardening mad πŸ™‚ love planting and tending my edible gardens..have just aquired 6 cross breed pullets and am learning to cook lots of stuff for me and my little 9 month old son.

    Can’t wait to find out my swap buddy so I can make something for them :hug:


    I’m in too.

    I’m totally up for a surprise!

    I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking (and particularly the eating part πŸ˜† ), I’m learning to knit. Unfortunately I have bad eczema so wool or any permutation of same (alpaca, mohair etc) is a no no :(.

    Unlike Mr Herby I prefer more muted ‘earthy’ colours – favourite colour is purple, but I like almost anything in this spectrum.

    I’ve been swapped with some fab home-made items in previous swaps so can’t wait to see what my SB comes up with. Whatever it is I’ll love it cause someone took the time to make it / send it for me :tup:


    Andy, socks??? HAHAHAHAHAHA



    Wont be joining in this one folks, will be grounded out of town during the selection time and then galavanting accross Tasmania when its posting time.

    But have lots of time to hand make:lol:


    Thanks Lady B.

    I’ll be in this one.:tup:

    I love surprises!!!



    Count me in too.

    I have 4 kids so I like anything that is just for me…I love purple anything.

    I’m a practical kind of person, I don’t know what else to put, I’m just ordinary.


    Yah! :tup: Count me in!!

    Can’t wait for my sewing machine to return from its retreat! (I actually bought myself another ‘simple’ sewing machine today cos I was going crazy!!! Told DH its for my girl…. :shy: )

    For my SB… I love anything to do with: gardening, quilting, photography, sewing, anything about chooks… I cannot think of anything else… :confused:

    As for colours – any takes my fancy but not the pastels please.

    I actually love surprises too so…

    Cheers! :hug:


    I am in and I have PM’d you Lady B. :tup:

    I also love the colour purple. I love wood. I make soap. I love surprises too. I will love anything you wish to make for me. :hug:

    Judi B

    I’ll be in too :tup:

    I make it easy for whoever is my swap buddy anything at all I love surprises, no favourite colours and no allergies so should be pretty easy:D


    im in :tup:,

    i love any colour anything homemade is fine ,i or other half like reading and gardening ( not good but do it) i or other half cook, but i love surprises .

    sorry to person i get can only knit


    I’m in! (Will pm u in a minnie LadyB)

    I too like surprises so would like it to reflect my ‘giver’ rather than cater for my tastes.

    I’m tall, 5’10”, and slim with large, hard to fit feet, hence I live in work boots.

    Love the outdoors and gardening, chooks and animals. My house is suited more towards folk art being an old farmhouse, so suits colour and clutter rather than minimalist.

    Hope these tips prove helpful to my prospective swap buddy. :hug:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 443 total)
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