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Hair dye

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    Hi all!

    Im sorry i didnt know where to put this or if there were similar topics else where so if there is please point me in the right direction.

    with my families no spend year challenge i have just cancelled my hair appointment !!! :shrug: Sooooo im after any tips on creating my own hair dye so i dont have 5 inches of regrowth at our family reunion in NZ in march !! I have brownish hair but dye it a dirty/sandy blonde



    Hi Howell,

    I’ve been watching this thread to see if anyone had any ideas. 🙁

    All I know is that I have heard that a rosemary rinse will darken grey hairs, I think it has been mentioned that chamomile will lighten hair but as for full on dyes I have no idea. Perhaps google natural hair dyes??

    What an interesting “family challenge”. :jawdrop: I wish you good luck with it, I know that my husband and three children 18/16/12yrs would not be willing to take part in that AT ALL.

    If you are willing to post about it in a separate thread (or this one!) I’d sure follow it with great interest. Have you been planning for this for some time and stocked up on certain products in advance?, do you have a thriving veg/fruit garden?, are you vegetarian?? I’m struggling with the No spend January – let alone a whole year of no spend!!


    Hope someone can help with the hair dye question!!


    Dying darker:

    The problem is getting a reaction that will stick to your hair. It is possible to use vegetale based dyes but in order to be effective most need you to bleach your hair first.

    Haenna is worth looking in to, but if you have used commercial hair dyes it is essential you do a test patch first unless you like the idea of completely shave-your-head-dead or frog-butt green hair. I’ve used it with hair that has been commercially dyed (after testing) and it has been ok.

    You can alter the colours of haenna using coffee, beetroot and wine to get different shades.

    I have heard people suggesting trying thses things without the haenna- the theory is that anything that can stain your teeth can stain your hair. I don’t think there is enough staning to be pronounced (at least, not in my experimentation).

    It seems like you are after a way to lighten your hair though, so the best bet is lemon juice. Again, not always effective, but this is what I’ve heard. Historically people used lime (no, not the fruit and I really, really don’t suggest this as you do not want to get it in your eyes).

    I know this is an old/dead thread, but I thought I’d add what I’ve read/tried just in case somene else wanted to know.


    The colour henna dyes your hair depends on how long you leave it in your hair. My hair is naturally strawberry blonde but its not a deep shade of red (but with all the natural highlights of my own hair). That takes two hours of henna sitting in my hair. Perhaps you might consider experimenting with a lock of hair and a wee bit of henna and just leaving it on for half an hour? Should give you a golden glow to cover the greys.


    Colour Mousses are the bomb & you can get them from ebay cheaply – about $18 and I get about 8 uses.

    They wash out after 5/6 shampoos but leave your hait vibrant and shiny in the meantime.

    If we are allowed to post links I can show you the brand I use?


    Have you thought about going to a ‘hair academy’ where the apprentices will dye your hair much more cheaply than a hairdressing salon?


    I have found the opposite to be true with the henna though- it makes my hair lovely and soft and smooth. I have very fine hair and dont use commercial shampoos so sometimes its a bit flat.


    Henna was my ‘go to’ when my usual dying routine got too much. I usually bleach to white, then go blue, so that can sometimes take it’s toll on your hair.

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