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Growing Saltbush

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    Looking to plant saltbushes as for fodder food and would like to know if it is easy to grow these from seed or should I purchase seedlings. Are they fast growing. Looking for anyones experience with this.


    A friend of mine travels up north (SA) quite a bit & he’s bringing me back some cuttings to grow it from. Do you have a source nearby at all?


    No I wish I did, is it easy to grow from cuttings.


    gardenaholic, my daughter collected some ruby salt bush seeds from one of her endeavours at tafe and they came up quite well, they also grow well from cuttings, my dad has about six going well that way although I don’t know what type they are. We have what I think is mealy salt bush growing here, if you can’t find seeds elsewhere let me know and I shall pick you some seeds the very next time they flower!! I also picked up a free potted ruby saltbush from an environmental mob, it had something to do with sustainable communities which organises the One Planet Market at Payneham in Adelaide every month. Sorry I didn’t check out where you were, that may be of no assistance to you at all!!


    my father in law grew us ~150 salt bush plants from cuttings.. he said they were quite easy, though didn’t get 100% strike. It is “old man salt bush”. So… maybe try cuttings? thought I haven’t done it myself, it’s obviously possible.. we have planted out alot of our fence lines on our 5 acres, just out of reach of our sheep.. hopefully they will grow into good thick rough hedges that we can graze.


    I grow old man salt bush as my fodder,hedge, windbreak etc. They are starting to flower so will have seeds shortly if anyone interested in a swap. I just put them in poly boxes and leave them to germinate when they are ready (I have some coming up now),when they get big enough I pot them into tubes and grow them from there.

    they do strike from cuttings but if you have seed they are much easier:) PM if interested. 😉

    leo living legendleo living legend


    I have a large hedged area of old man saltbush in very dry, sandy country. It looks great, takes very little water to establish and none thereafter. Beware! the roots can become quite invasive. I have roots 80 metres from the bushes after two years in the ground. The bushes grow quickly – around 1.6 metres in the first 12 months after which their upward growth reduces a bit and they spread. The initial plants were purchased as 90 small cuttings and planted out in late winter. By the end of spring I was taking cuttings of the cuttings. I have found the best method (no water usage required) of propagating is to dig a trench under the branches, hold the lower branches down in the trench with my foot and scrape the soil back over. New plants will take root whenever the sky decides to deliver rain. Then just sever the old lifeline to the parent plant with your shovel and when ready move the youngies on.

    I chop the bushes back and use the trimmings as ground mulch and also tie prunnings with hay band and use as heaped protection for new tree and seed plantings.

    I hope this helps. I have found growing from seed in a dry, hot, windy, frosty environment more stressful than I need.


    a word of warning, don’t plant them too close to the fence, we have/had a hedge on the side of our property and they were nice and tall and lush but on closer inspection I found out that they had grown through and around the fence and was pulling it down as they grew. I’ve had to demolish most of them so we can fix the fence and with the long hot dry last year they haven’t grown back very well. They are starting to now but I will have to get rid of quite a few that are in danger of doing the same thing again!!


    Good to know they grow from cuttings the couple of local ones I had got overgrown and died and i would mind a couple more as I’ve got a few very dry spots I have trouble getting much to grow in.


    Wondering if anyone has some Old Mans Saltbush cuttings for postage, still looking to get this for fodder feed. Hopefully someone has this that can help me.

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