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Growing Bamboo – tips?

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    I’m thinking about planting some bamboo, both to use as a screen/windbreak and also to be able to use the bamboo ‘poles’ around the garden. I’m close to Adelaide, but a bit colder than the city itself. Does anyone have recommendations on the type of bamboo and any growing tips. Naturally I’m looking for the clumping type, not the running type. The area in question is about 10m long, gets sun most of the day and is also subject to very strong winds at times. It would be helping to provide protection for a future citrus grove, and screening out a shed from the house.

    How quickly does it grow, and get to a size where it would be providing some protection, and then how long until I’d be able to harvest it?

    Any recommendations, tips and tricks greatly appreciated.

    thanks, Di


    This site might help you.It’s in QLD but may be helpful.


    I was watching GA last week and Jeremey Colby-Smith had bamboo,clumping variety.

    I was very interested in it till he said that type only like warm weather without frosts so that put the kybosh on it for me.

    I would grow it for stakes etc.

    I think the runner type can be grown if it”s confined,to a tub or a barrier around the root area.

    veggie boyveggie boy

    There are plenty of bamboo varieties that will sit whatever climate you are in. Just check out one of the bamboo farm sites, which will give a descrtiption of the climate parameters for each type.


    Hi Dierich,

    we recently bought some bamboo from Bamboo Australia

    We knew what we wanted in terms of aesthetics, functionaity etc but not what sort of bamboo we need to suit our purposes, so I emailed the guy on the site (d’oh, can’t remember his name now). He was really helpful with recommendations and gave us costs for postage etc. The bamboo we bought wasn’t cheap, but was very healthy when it arrived a week or 2 ago and is already sending out new shoots. He recommend we didn’t plant during winter because it’s a bit too cool down here.


    Maybe these people are closer to home 🙂



    We live in the sub tropics and there are several varieties that are highly invasive and difficult to remove once established. Aviod running types if you can and do the research or esle you will be over grown in no time.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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