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Grinding Wheat

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    Is anyone grinding their own wheat/grain to make their own flour? I’m looking for a few tips.

    I recently discovered while surfing the net just how much is taken out of wheat before it gets to us as flour, and how much more gets taken out before we get bread. In fact I believe it is scandalous to call anything “whole wheat flour”. It is one enormous lie! :@

    What they dish up is hardly worth calling wheat at all and there is not much goodness left. Now I know for preserving sake some of the grain must be removed or else it goes off real quick, but I was just so shocked to learn how little food value is left.

    Hence I am now looking at grinding my own grains to make my own flour for bread.

    Would love to hear from anyones experiences.


    Peter, I am also looking into the same issue. I have been debating whether to buy the very expensive Schnitzer Country Mill (~$480) or the Retsel Lil-ark (~$180).

    From what I’ve heard the Lil-ark grinds the wheat just as well as the Country, but it’s an investment for generations so I’m leaning toward the Country just for the sake of quality.

    The question left remaining after you buy a mill is where you are going to source your wheat from. I haven’t figured that one out yet. You can order organic wheat online, but after postage costs it doesn’t work out very economical.

    Keep in touch. We may be able to come to a sensible conclusion together.



    Peter, you’ll have heavier loaves of bread with hand milled wheat.

    I thought about getting a mill a couple of years ago but I concluded that we don’t rely on the nutrients in bread as much as we rely on other foods. Bread is a carrier food for us in that it encases other food and goes under beans giving us complete protein. We do get protein from our bread – I make my own using organic flour and sometimes add back wheat germ – but the other nutrients we get from other foods.

    It’s a big investment. I hope you both come up with a solution.


    RW – i live in a major grain growing region. just look out the back door (almost) to acres of rolling grain. i was hoping to find a friendly farmer who may like to part with a kilo or two. that is if you can mill it straight from the field. I’m rather lacking in knowledge of these matters.


    I’d love to source some good quality organic wheat for bread making as well. If I find something that is well priced, I’ll be sure to share here so you all know about it. I’ve been looking on and off for ages. What I’ve found so far is a bit to expensive to justify for me at the moment.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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