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    Has anyone got a greengage? I’ve just ordered one and read that a second plum is recommended for pollination as the greengage is only partially self-fertile. If possible I’d like to avoid getting a 2nd tree (hubby has already joked he’s going to take my card away for buying too many fruit trees!!) Any advice? And I know this might be silly but would my apricot pollinate it? I’ve read that you can get plumcots etc so I thought maybe they cross pollinate?? :shrug:


    If you know someone with a suitable match and they dont mind,you could simply cut a branch with flowers on it and put near your tree,then you get yours pollinated without the 2nd tree.


    I have a greengage and it produces very well although I don’t have a mate for it. Maybe there is one in the neighbourhood that fertilizes it, I don’t know.

    Lady Bee

    I’ve got a greengage and I’ve also got two pollinators for it. The three is 9 years old and I’m yet to get a single fruit off the darned thing.

    Coe’s golden drop is supposed to be one of the best pollinators according to my research. I’ve got one of those, but I’m going to try grafting a branch of it in the middle of my greengage this year.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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