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    Ipswich City Council is offering a green waste collection service. Garden waste only, $12.50/quarter, and dependent on 6000 signing up.

    According to the ICC site, green waste currently makes up around 37% of Ipswich’s general waste.


    I can’t see it being very well patronised. The people who care already compost/mulch. And the people who don’t care wont put up their hand to add $50 a year to their rates, when they can use the normal bin that is now included in rates.


    I think the idea of councils reducing unnecessary landfill is a great thing. 37% is a significant number and to be able to reduce all of that “waste” and turn it into useable compost is a great thing.

    However, I am not convinced that the resources involved in the pick up, transport, handling, storage & composting and the end packaging & distribution of the compost is not using more energy & resources and creating more pollution than the status quo.

    The article only mentions green waste from the garden and not the kitchen so it seems to not include a vital freely available resource.

    My belief is that all garden & kitchen “waste” should be banned from domestic bins and resources should be channeled to composting/mulching all garden & kitchen “waste” domestically.

    I think we have to get a huge shift away from binning things (out of sight out of mind) and teaching people the importance & value of fully utilising resources. In addition to this I would decrease the sizes of “rubbish” bins & increase collection & landfill fees. Carrot & stick.

    Whilst the ICC idea is a great one for a number of reasons I dont think it is the best use of resources.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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