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    Regretfully I am looking for a new home for my young goat wether, Billy. 🙁 As much as we love him, he really needs somewhere bigger and probably some more suitable mates [he thinks he’s a chicken!].

    He is probably around 12 months of age. Actual age is unknown as he was bought into my work as a stray and no one came forward to claim him. Breed is unknown, but he is on the smaller side [back comes to about 10cm above my knee].

    He’s bucket friendly [will come very enthusiastically for food] and once he knows you well enough he will allow you to pat him. He is used to a collar but is not lead or tether trained [he gets very distressed when tethered]. He is used to chickens, dogs and young children.

    He has a mild temperament but will occasionally get rather excited and rear up/butt you/run around like a lunatic. This normally happens around feed time.

    He is desexed and has had a tetanus vaccine which covers him until the end of 2015 [can provide a vacc cert].

    I am looking for a pet home for him, where he can be a living lawnmower or similar. He is NOT for eating! Nor for tethering.

    Please contact me via my email rachel [at] ravyk [dot] net, if you are interested or have further questions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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