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Globe Artichoke plant – huge – advice please.

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    In the vegetable garden that I have inherited (and trying to tame) there is an enormous globe artichoke with stalks as thick as my arm and bearing huge ‘globes’. It is sprawling all over the bed and I wondered if someone could tell me whether I should prune it? Dig it out? I quite like artichokes but this one is old and I suspect the big old artichokes will not be good eating.

    I’d be very grateful for some thoughts.

    Thanks! 😉


    You will want to pick it before it flowers

    You can divide artichokes ,Im not sure if its the right time now, going into summer.

    I havent grown any for about 20 years.

    But I did divide my ones by digging them out giving it a hair cut,chopping them up into smaller plants and replanting.

    I think it ay have been autumn or early spring ,but I cant totally remember???


    I’ve just chopped mine down and just left the ‘babies’ at the base…harvested all the crop, I don’t eat them, personally I think they are the worlds’ most over-rated vegetable…look beautiful tho! I give mine away to someone who loves them…each to their own, I continue to grow them just for their good looks! Mine were so big I needed a saw to cut thru the stems…was tempted to shout ‘timber’ when they fell!


    I just cut the main plant down and leave the best baby to grow.

    I agree with lostinthefog, they are the most over rated vegetable taste wise. Newmans (see; Seinfeld: The Best of Newman(S3-S9) opinion of broccoli just about sums it up for me. However they are quite structural and the blooming flower is lovely.


    My theory is that they look really great in all those glossy food mags and cookbooks!

    Good LiferGood Lifer

    I perservered with the preparation of them – took me years to master it – and now I can prepare my own, and love them!! I cook them in some olive oil, and finish them off on the grill, so they taste barbecued.

    I now call them my dollar bushes as I sell the chokes to a local ‘sustainable’ food centre (the Aproneers in Lindisfarne, Hobart) for a dollar a pop.


    I do have to admit that the ones from the deli in oil are nice but Dad used to eat them boiled and covered in butter which inmho is a waste of good butter.


    Hey Goodlifer, well done. :clap: :clap:

    Globe artichokes are a veg I am still intending to have a go at. A few differing opinions on this thread but every one has different tastes and likes and dislikes, thank heavens. :tup:

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