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Global Warming – "hotter than 80% of the past 11,300 years".

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    Snags post=356549 wrote: Completely off the grid still requires batterys and panels

    No it doesn’t. You’re assuming (I think ?) I mean replication of modern life by DIY. It’s not practicable nor sustainable to do that, nor is it practical or sustainable to continue in the same vane as the rest of the western world is going to do. My point was, you can’t go truly “off grid” in Aus, you will be locked up or at minimum moved on.

    Snags post=356549 wrote: Thus we will do nothing about global warming until its too late and too hard to ignore any longer

    We haven’t done anything substantive anywhere on the Planet, you get some twaddle about “making a start” but the facts are, doing anything substantive is too hard. It’s already is too late, the issue will be when geo engineering commences and THAT will happen as per your above sentence. Too late was when we passed 350ppm, the lag is 60 years or more before we feel the AGW effect from todays emissions. Replacing the planets Billion Cars with electric vehicles and solar energy, for example, won’t stop emissions, all that industry in keeping busy will EXACERBATE the problem.


    No argument here.

    We just havent hit the too hard to ignore bit.

    The capitalist furnace that needs exponential growth to fire it is the problem

    Peoples greed and fears and the short term political cycle means the solution is impossible.

    I think we have passed the point of no return

    To tell the sheeple that would just cause instant Zombie Apocalypse

    There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel narrative.( a heaven myth)

    Im lucky Im old enough to probably be dead before TSHTF big time.


    g’day trandto,

    interesting you say “No it doesn’t. You’re assuming (I think ?)”

    in response to stand alone renewables not needing storage, snags said storage was needed and you seem to say no? can you give us details please?



    I assume he means having no power at all.(living a simple tribal existence)


    The chopped wood or candle are still storage of power.


    CO2 emissions trading and carbon tax in China.

    China gets tough on carbon

    Cap-and-trade pilot schemes set stage for nationwide roll-out.


    Airgead post=356491 wrote: Dan – no post of yours was deleted. There are no records of a post of yours ever being deleted in any thread. Biochar is a very relevant topic here as there is much that is undecided about its impact on emissions. Lots of good science being done.

    Did the post you say was deleted ever actually appear? Or did yo hit submit and the post vanish? We have had a few cases of that in the past but never often enough or repeatable enough for us to work out why.

    Dave, just read the email notification about what you said. If that is the case I might have made a mistake when posting, and wrongly suspected a deletion. I apologise. Forget what I said above.


    Lady Bee

    Dan, this happens from time to time. No one knows why, it just seems that occasionally a post gets sucked into a wormhole and ends up in another galaxy, far, far away.

Viewing 7 posts - 136 through 142 (of 142 total)
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