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    Gosh, haven’t been on ALS for ages.

    Need to find a new home for one of my roosters. A lovely lavendar aruacana, rather attractive little gentleman. Actually has nice manners, doesn’t stalk like so many roosters we have had in the past! Very gentle nature.

    So if any one in the Townsville area is interested in taking him off my hands please step forward!!!




    WOULD LOVE HIM but we are in Tasmania…:uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh::uhoh:…sob ive got 2 white araucanas from some eggs i brought over from Vic!!


    Yeah,, 2 problems, in Sa and council won’t allow roosters. 🙁


    Hi Salli,

    This is a long shot, but we have a araucana cross brow leghorn rooster that we are looking for a new home for if you are interested. He is quite friendly, and he hatched out of a blue egg, so definitely has the right genes.

    We live in Hobart, let me know if you want him.


    Jennie, I’ll check around for you 🙂


    Hi, Forgot to check back on this post! Got busy and would remember at the wrong time!

    Hey Jaymes (were you previously Jaymie???) did you have any luck.

    My hubby said it will be deaded by this weekend if no one wants it. Sad, but probably driving the neighbours insane. It’s always a shame to see a nice rooster go in the post, especially one with a pleasant nature.

    Good thought for the day – Save a roosters life!!!!!


    Ah, I see you must be the same Jaymie, who else would be into aquaponics! Hubby is very keen, read a book and now we have to figure out where to put one. Planning on using our old hydroponics unit as the grow bed and maybe purchasing a seconds tank (one of those low ones) from Goughs plastics. Hubby a bit concerned that the growbed will be only any good for shallow rooted stuff like lettuce though because the troughs are not very deep, but it would be a good start and we already have it.


    Jennie, a friend of mine out here will take him if you haven’t already found him a home. I’ll PM her details, as I’ve put yours in a safe place :shy:


    Hi Jaymie,

    I sent you a message, will phone your friend today. Is now to early????

    Only kidding, will call later this morning.

    Muchly appreciated.


    Urbanhillbilly :wave:, We would love him! Does he make much noise?

    Have you any suggestions of how to get him to george town?

    Sorry I answered so late, I only just checked in!!


    Salli, that’s great!:D We raised him by hand and I really didn’t want to have to kill him. He’s only 16 weeks old, and hasn’t started crowing yet – so I’m not sure if he will make much noise when he gets older.

    Hmm, getting to George Town…not sure about how to do that. I’ll ask around to see if I can find anyone who making some trips up north. I’m really keen to find him a new home, so I’m sure we can work something out.

    Great to hear from you!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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