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    I thought it about time I introduced myself. I’ve been a ‘lurker’ for a few months now. I am totally addicted to the site. I check it 2 or 3 times a day. :blush:

    Hubby and I (nearing our fifties) have 2.5 acres at Widgee (25km west of Gympie). We are currently in Brisbane and will be moving to the block late September/early October. We have a 9 x 6 insulated shed on it and are organising a 6 x 6 carport to be built off it this weekend. Also in the process of getting quotes for a steel framed 1 bedroom kit home. It is only the two of us. Between us we have his 2 and my 2, but they are all ours. The youngest is nearly 22 and oldest is 27. No grand kids yet.

    The kit home will be on a steel floor system (we are going to get a builder to do that and do most of the rest ourselves if we can). The block is only about 50m wide and 200m long, there is a good size dam at the front but unfortunately the block faces straight west. We do want the front of the house to be facing west because of the views to Widgee Mountain. The house will have a 3m wide veranda along the front. Going to see the kit supplier this weekend. Scared and excited at the same time.

    Hubby is an interstate truck driver, so I will be living in the shed by myself most of the time. He will be home on weekends. The neighbours are absolutely lovely. Oh, except for the dairy cow they have ate my grevilleas; our fault, we planted them too close to the fence. Learnt from that mistake and will probably make many more!

    So much to do: I have to do the owner builder course, organise the kit and some money to get it all started, I think we are going to get an A & A worm farm sewerage system and of course when we finally decide on everything, apply to council to live in the shed.

    Looking forward to getting some chooks. We have planted some garlic, an avocado tree, a few grevilleas and there is an existing mango tree. It is hard to look after things when we only get there every second weekend. We have a few trees in pots at home waiting to get planted when we move -lime, lemon, orange and some blueberries. Oh and we do want a maremma to put with the chooks. Had one a few years ago and she was gorgeous, she protected us, but was originally with goats and chooks.

    Looking forward to learning lots from you all.


    Hi there Wally333 and welcome to ALS… glad you made the big move out of lurkerdom 🙂

    Also addicted to ALS here.. but I have my ‘more lucid’ moments too.

    A great site and a great bunch of people who are a collective font of knowledge.

    Sounds like you’ve got some fun and games ahead.

    Good luck with the build .. eventually I will also be building a strawbale house down here in Central Vic.

    (atm though, I can only think the ‘eventually’ as a running-joke since it has been quite a long time ‘eventuating’ .. 🙂 )

    Regards, Andre



    Thanks Andre. We’ve been planning this for two years, so it is very exciting and scary at the same time.


    Welcome Wally333. Looks like you have an exciting time ahead of you. Good luck and look forward to getting to know you. ALS is a great site and I think most of us will agree, incredibly addictive – nice addiction though 😆


    Welcome wally333 and all the best for your exciting plans.I have pmd you too.

    I don’t want to put a dampener on them but there’s a whole thread on here in the Water Conservation category about/titled A & A Worm farms.Just scroll right down through the categories until you find it.If I can I will put a link in a separate post.

    Folk seem to have had some not very good experiences with them.But that post was started over two years ago so things may have changed for the better.


    Here’s the link.But don’t think it’s working. :shrug: Just look for the post in Water Conservation Board category.

    My pm to you wouldn’t send. ????? Will try again later.


    Thanks mauzi and BlueWren.

    Nothing signed, sealed and delivered yet. We have been researching a Taylex system and the A&A Worm Farm. Although they are different both have good and bad points. So we are still undecided but are leaning towards the worm farm. Heard bad stuff about Taylex too. :shrug: More research.


    :laugh: Nothing to be ashamed off, lots of addicted folk on here. Welcome to ALS and enjoy your journey.

    Lizzie 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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