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Geese wanted for a lonely Gander!

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    My poor gander Lester lost his mate Darling on the weekend – poor Darling was nesting, wouldn’t go into her pen and was taken by a bluddy fox

    I’m now on the hunt for a goose or a couple of geese to replace Darling. Lester is so lost without her and is pacing the fenceline honking – it’s so sad.

    If anyone has some female geese for sale or knows where I can get some please let me know.


    Gosh, I need to go into the goose business, didn’t realise how hard it is to source geese :p


    No help from me, sorry, Cindy.

    But I had the same thing years ago. We ended up giving the gander to a farm nearby who already had a large flock.. so plenty of company.

    I hear they mate for life…

    Lady Bee

    I can’t help you Cindy, but I did have a chuckle at the thread title. Sounded like an advertisement in the Personal Columns of The Elderly Citizen. 😆

    On a serious note though, you’ve answered a question I was pondering only a couple of days ago which was whether geese needed to be locked up at night in a fox proof area.


    Oh Cindy, I know what you mean.

    We lost our last remaining goose recently when the strong winds blew something against the electric fence, and a fox dived in and swooped her up, never to be seen again but for a few feathers. The ganders were crying and roaming around aimlessly for days. I am looking for another couple of geese too. Mine are Pilgrim geese – what are yours?

    😆 Lady B! And seriously, I reckon geese need to be locked up at night unless you have a flock of about 30 or 40 of them.


    Lady B wrote:

    I can’t help you Cindy, but I did have a chuckle at the thread title. Sounded like an advertisement in the Personal Columns of The Elderly Citizen. 😆

    LOL it does sound like a personal ad – single, white Gander seeking geese for fun times 😀

    And I agree with MC – I always lock my geese up at night, the one time I couldn’t and the fox moved in – they are so cunning.

    My geese are just a farmyard mix I think – I have a feeling they have (had :() a lot of pilgrim in them – Lester is pure white and Darling was grey.

    Andre – if I can’t find some more geese in a month I think I’ll give Lester away to a home with some girls for him – poor man won’t move away from the window where he can see his reflection and thinks it’s another goose.


    Cindy my goose is sitting (yes out in the open, she too refuses to go into her pen, but is pretty well protected my my alpaca) and goslings are due in about 2 weeks if you are intersted in some babies then I will need to offload some. She is sitting on 14 eggs.


    Cindy, sorry to hear about poor Lesters Darling. Its awful losing an animal and seeing the pain that results. But dont worry you will find a lovely goose for your gander and Lester will be happy as a cricket. Good luck, cheers porgey.


    Hi Cindy I’m only a new member as I’ve jumped on my computer this morning to find a gander and some more geese as a fox got my gander Walter on Friday nite, I have a very lonely goose (Sarah) now.

    I can totally relate to the anguish!!

    I think I have more than one fox, and our chook house is on their nightly path, they have already got 2 hens and a rooster! I had ensured the safety of the chooks and thought the geese would be fine as they were in an enclosed yard at nite, now I am locking Sarah in a secure cage every nite. So if anyone in the Bland Shire in western NSW needs new homes for geese – let me know!!


    Gypsy that’s really kind of you – if I haven’t tracked anything down in the next couple of weeks I’ll definitely take you up on your offer.

    Oh Molly I really feel for you – poor Walter :(. Pity we’re not a little closer or we could have worked something out so neither of us had lonely goosies!

    Geese are beautiful creatures, I’ve loved having mine pottering around the backyard. I’m so sad that I won’t be able to watch Darling and Lester become parents – but hopefully Lester is just as happy with his second wife wherever she may be.

    Thanks for all your support guys – only on ALS would people understand just how much our animals mean to us 😀


    Hi Cindy

    In Melbourne there is council run farm in Doveton called Myuna farm.

    They were trying to offload geese last year as they were too friendly and freaking all the kids out!!

    Give them a call and see if they are still needing to rehome the small flock that they were having issues with.

    I know you are a bit far….But you never know your luck!!


    Have you had any luck Cindy, I’m still looking.

    If your willing to pick up Sarah – I’ve decided she would be better with a mate. If its too far I will keep looking but its so sad hearing her calling for a mate. 🙁 And its breeding season!!

    Let me know!!



    No luck as yet Molly – but I have managed to track down a breeder who will have hopefully have some girls for me within the month – he says that they are all paired up now due to breeding season!

    There is also a poultry auction here in Kyneton in a couple of weeks – so I’m counting down the days. One thing I have done for Lester is put a mirror outside – he seems a little more settled and hangs around the mirror for most of the day – poor confused man!


    G’day Cindy, if you are intersested we have a pilgrim goose that lost her gander last year. She is in her second season, is friendly, healthy though i am sure she thinks she is a chicken as that is who she hangs with all day. Her name is Bubble (the gander was Squeak) and if you would like her you can pick her up free from Eppalock. She is laying at the moment about 9 or 10 so far, so not sure if she should travel untill she is finished. If you are interested I will send you my details.


    My goodness! This is getting more like an online goose dating service every day! But in no way am I under estimating the pain of owners and grieving geese.I do hope they are all repartnered soon.

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