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    Hi chookpoo, :wave:

    See you around.


    Hi there Chookpoo welcome so you are on the south side of brissy

    we are on the north side hope you enjoy and may be one day we might even catch up with each other:wave::wave::hug::hug:


    :wave: G’day Chookpoo, I’m fairly new to ALS, I noticed Sonya said welcome back, does this mean you left? :confused: why would anyone do that? anyway it’s good to see you’ve come to your senses :clap:


    G’day chookpoo, welcome back! I just got some chookies yesterday! They were rescued from the battery farms the day before their scheduled slaughter date. If you want some more I’m helping out a lady who is rehoming rescue hens. Let me know if you’d like some! We’re desperate for loving homes :hug:


    thanks for the rewelcoming..

    i got rid of the internet cause i was working a rediculous amount of hours.. and what little time i had at home i spent with my family.. and keepin the veg patch for mrs and kid with me.. but the chooks had to go..

    i would be interested in gettin more now im not working like i was and intend to keep it that way… :clap:

    oh yes and i would love to potentially meet up with local members..seed swap? crop trade? advice? and just to socialise if thats cool with anyone

    thanks :metal:

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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