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    Hummer HumbugHummer

    veggie boy post=320904 wrote: I call mine bloody beautiful :tup:

    Yes veggie boy, I agree with you :tup:


    well thnx everybody that made that as clear as mud so i think i’ll split the differance and call it a bulblehead lol :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


    A bloody beautiful bulblehead, Plottalot! 😆


    Well I was reading a well known monthly recipe magazine last nite and it has an article about garlic and it called it a head of garlic but then in the very first recipe it says to use a whole bulb of garlic. So guess what stil none the wiser ????? :shrug: :shrug: :shrug:

    veggie boyveggie boy

    Pulled my garlic this morning. Was hoping to leave it in a little longer, but saw it was going to rain so bit the bullet. I only put in one bed this year (one of my round corregated iron beds), but because I got it on at the right time and the soil was good (a lot of compost), I got a decent crop with many of the bulbs being bigger than I have ever managed before. Will take a picture on the weekend if I get a chance. The smeall is fantastic. I took 5 bulbs to work this morning straight after I’d pulled them to tease work colleagues with (I handed them over – but the tease is that they will then realise what real garlic is like as they go back to their crap chinese stuff). By the time I gave them away this arv, my office smelt so strongly of garlic people must have thought I was bathing in the stuff LOL.

    veggie boyveggie boy

    Got the Mrs to plat the garlic now that the stems are pretty much fully dry. The good thing is that since we build a walk in pantry a few months back (walling in a nook in an adjacent room and cutting a hole in the existing pantry to access the new pantry) we have the ability to hang them without them getting in the way.


    Wowee veggie boy. That’s a whole lot of blood beautiful bulbleheads of garlic! : P You’ll be safe from the vampires for halloween tomorrow. Hope it lasts you all year. I’m in SEQ too but I haven’t pulled mine up yet. Can’t remember when I put it in either come to think of it.


    Nice haul of garlic veggieboy! Well done :clap:


    I dug around one bulb today and it’s tiny, i’m in north vic. Probably atleast a month to go. However i need to move house in a couple of days. Wondering if i can transplant.


    Great harvest and fantastic plating job. I planted mine on the winter solstice and plan to harvest on the summer solstice. It worked beautifully last year and we are still eating it – lovely.


    Egad!! That’s a whopping crop! :blink: :clap:


    Very nice!!!


    Not sure if this helps:

    (a google search will show it can be called either bulb or head … maybe it is a geographical ting … )

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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