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Gardening (and simple living) magazines, what do you read and why?

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    I have been buying Organic Gardener Magazine for a while now, and after flicking trough the latest issue, I am very disappointed with the amount of advertising and the lack of “substance”. Not sure if this has changed or if the “substance” part is just becoming less interesting to me.

    I did see another magazine while I was in the newsagency called “Home Grown Magazine”, it seems to be fairly new but seemed to have a fair variety of “substance” to it, looks like it could be interesting.

    Then I also saw that Earth Garden has changed their format.

    What gaedening/simple living magazines do you read and why?


    I subscribe to Gardening Australia, Organic Gardener and Warm Earth but I doubt I will renew them when they expire. I find I don’t read them anymore and when I do I just flick through them.

    I am interested in the new Pip – Australian Permaculture Magazine that is about to be released. It sounds like it will be more hands on and they claim it will be Australia’s only true permaculture magazine.


    Yes I have seen a bit about Pip, haven’t really looked into it much


    I used to get Warm Earth, Grass Roots, OG and others I can’t remember the name of now. I stopped reading all of them because after a while it’s much the same content rehashed over again. I also find Gardening on TV has become very repetitive and if I see one more Q & A segment about ‘Why are my Lemon Tree Leaves Yellow?’ I think I’ll go mad! We subscribe to Warm Earth ‘Snips n Tips’ via email which is good – free and you pick up a few little tips.


    I found out the other week that through my library I can get some magazines through Zinio – including Gardening Australia, but not Organic Gardener. Perfect timing as my subs were about due and I was debating whether or not to go for another year. Now I can download it as soon as its available for free. I agree that it does seem to be the same articles year on year!

    I also get Mother Earth (US mag) through Zinio, I think about $12 a year. Again, advertising which isn’t much use here, but they do have some different articles to what we see in our usual mags.

    Also keen to check out PIP when its released.


    I have flick through what ever the library has.(pretty good choice)

    I also bought heaps of old mags from another library that they where getting rid of for a few dollars.


    I don’t buy magazines because I’m too much of a frugalista (read tight arse). If I need info on gardening or living simple I read blogs and websites. There are stacks out there.

    For example:www.down—to—


    I traded Fly Buys points for a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens- what an utter waste of paper that one is. Chock full of advertising and very light on content :angry: .

    I have a subscription to Earth Garden- I am really disappointed in their new format which seems a lot more yuppie and full of advertising- look at the back cover for instance, :shrug: I am too busy buying hay, water and trying to grow veges to spend $350 on a coat! They seem to be aiming for a more well heeled set than the back-to-the-land person trying to do lots with next to no income.

    Grass Roots magazine remains my favourite as I feel it is written and read by people who wouldnt look at me weird if we ever struck up a conversation :blush: however I too am keen to see the PIP magazine when it comes out.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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