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Garden edging

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    Here’s something I came across while surfing the Internet and I’m thinking of giving it a try. These concrete “stones” are easy to make and look good too. Here’s how the gardener did it: She stacked bags of dry concrete in a row, then wet down the bags for a week or so until the concrete hardened. Once hard, she tore off the paper wrapping. Then she stacked another row on top of the first, wet the second row of concrete bags, waited for the concrete to harden and then removed the paper – and so on until she had her vegetable beds at a height that worked for her.


    Whoa! brilliant idea. Perfect for the unskilled (me)!


    Looks good but I think it work out quite expensive.


    Too expensive was my first reaction…. but what is a bag of grey cement worth? Cement blocks are also expensive so perhaps not as bad as first thought would indicate. I wonder if you could do one row “narrow side up”. Wack a bit of steel rod through the bags as a connector (short piece just to connect one to the other). You could only really do one row but it would be at least as high as two rows placed like in the pic. Interesting idea.


    What a great idea!! You couldn’t get anything more sturdy and it would last forever!! A bonus would be how easy it is to build… just one person!!

    Any sort of garden edging is expensive, I know I’ve looked… (Unless you’re lucky enough to get it free) We had a strip of that concrete garden edging poured along the driveway at $13 a metre…


    I wonder if you could do one row “narrow side up”. Wack a bit of steel rod through the bags.

    Good thinking Bill. It took a woman to come up with the idea, but perhaps it’s up to the blokes to refine it. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be less expensive to buy bigger bags and then put it into smaller, maybe fatter ones? I’ve got to go to Bunnings tomorrow, so will measure the vegie plot and do some costings. In the picture she’s used it to terrace a sloping block, but my place is flat, so wouldn’t need to go to three layers.


    This is certainly a minimal effort way to build a wall, apart form actually putting them in place.

    The other orientation sounds like a great refinement, but not so picturesque I guess.

    Would be very interested in your costings Wazza, and how it compares to $13 per m.



    Me too…

    Judi BJudi B

    It is a bit like Earthbag building

    I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but never enough money or time lately.


    Looks very good in the pic, we have done a similar thing with rocks in our place but have found lots of things like small crevices to shelter ready to attack! (vegies ) Our 6cm slugs and millipedes crawl into any moist area so now have decide to use smooth edge materials – what? – haven’t decided yet so would be good to hear of others ideas apart from timbers that so not seem to last too long in our climate!


    Hi Wazza, I think it’s looks very impressive, I imagine it has a kinda slate look, if you were to rebag it, you may as well dry mix it with fine sand, even at 2 to 1 would still have a grey look and it would go twice as far, just a thought.


    wow what a great idea. Can’t wait to hear how much it’ll cost. It’s definately something i’ll consider when I buy my own house.


    bunnings (melb) $5.40 a bag


    they look pretty swish in the photo. a bit ‘old school’-ish.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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