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    something we are well practised at here, for at least the last 12 years or so. we have large recycle bin which generally is only 1/2 full, and a small garbage bin that is about the same or less at collection time weekly for garbage 2 weekly for recyclables.

    it would be good to have some sortof incentive outside of it “feeling good”to do it, but a bit reluctant to go that way ie.,. like user pay, you only pay if they collect a bin, and then that charge could be taken of the rates, mind you they won’t drop the whole charge on the rates because they have the whole rubbish handling network to cover the costs of.

    so in the end we might still pay as much on rates and get little back, plus for those poorer people it is going to add to their cost of living status just like artificially inflating power/water/gas& fuel prices. plus something else to think about the truck still drives past your place, so just be cutting the odd stop and start out along the way. so whatever happens needs to make a real difference in the bigger picture not just a “every little bit counts”, it might count with no real time results.

    but all rottable stuff goes into the garden so a garden is almost a must, also not very common around here, and it shows in over flowing bins some never put out a recycle bin at all.



    Isn’t the incentive saving the planet??


    Ce_Anx post=289891 wrote: I discovered biodegradable garbage bags from Bunnings, and wondering if anyone else uses them?

    I’m a bit unsure of biodegradable bags – they still require manufacture so it doesn’t feel like a whole solution to me. I use old newspaper to line my bins and usually just tip my rubbish straight into my wheelie bin, holding onto the liner for reuse. I don’t seem to have a problem with ‘wet’ rubbish as all that is usually organic and goes in the compost (I have old lidded tupperware containers to hold that on the kitchen bench).

    I’m interested about the scrubber made from fruit and vege netting bags. I tried that once and didn’t feel it was very effective, clearly I didn’t do it correctly!


    I did end up getting the toothbrushes! Forgot to mention that. :blush: They’re pretty good, as long as I keep them dry.

    A user pays system for garbage collection would be really nice. It only makes sense, no? Perhaps a smaller bin available from the council too. Gone are the days where we need the 120L bins for a weekly collection. (Or at least, gone should be the days!) One shopping bag per week is our average. Even the old fashioned garbage bins with the lids would be overkill for our needs. Yet we pay $188.50 every year for this big wheelie bin (well, it’s the smallest one available) and the special truck to take our one shopping bag away.

    The guy at the tip wouldn’t even charge us $1 to let us dump the bag. If we did that every week, it’d only cost us $52 a year at the most. It’d also give us even more incentive to use less rubbish. :silly:

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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