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    I think all of us who have free-range chooks enjoy taking a part of each day to watch their behaviours or glimpse something funny that they do. I propose that we have a special thread dedicated to their antics and to recording their funnier behaviour.

    As you will know, I have three chooks. Rastus and May-Sue, kindly donated by Good Lifer in June and recently joined by Sue-Ellen who I obtained from the man who delivers my wood. Sue-Ellen was given to me as she was a bit of a loner in their flock and so she has proven since her arrival here. She is often off on her own when they are out, but Rastus has recently realised that it is his job to keep her in sight. Today he noticed she had wandered off and decided to take matters in hand. He straightened up and chirred at her for her attention and obedience. She ignored him. He then shook himself and cocked his head a couple of times and marched straight towards her to bring her into line. Within two paces he fell into a 3-foot deep hole I have recently dug and disappeared from sight. He emerged moments later, shook himself down, checked out where Sue-Ellen was and marched towards her once more, only to fall into the hole a second time. After some extensive grooming he concluded that he was not all that concerned about here whereabouts and so returned to May-Sue’s side, where holes do not mysteriously appear out of the long grass …:lol::lol:

    Good LiferGood Lifer


    I dont’ have a funny story about my chooks this week … only a sad one … Griselda, who was always a little too plucky for her own good, became road kill a few days ago 🙁 Why, oh why, do chickens insist on crossing the road …. ? :shrug:


    Oh, GL how sad – was she the lovely lady who greeted us when we all called in for tea after the GTG?



    It is so hard to get the emoticons right when you have a funny followed by a sad.

    once the wind settles down – i’m gonna dig me some holes – that sounds hliarious


    Good LiferGood Lifer

    Yeah … sorry to dampen the mood! But I’m sure the end came swiftly for Griselda. Yes, HBG, I expect she would have been the cheeky hen who greeted you – she did like to march straight up to people and give them the beady eye. Shame she tried it on with a car though …


    Bum. She was a nice chook – sorry GL.:hug:


    I am constantly giggling at our three chooks’ behaviour. Got back from the hairdresser this morning and Britney had snuck in through the dog door and was making herself at home in the living room.

    I shooed her outside to find the other two getting bossy towards a bush turkey and chasing it away from their patch.

    I love watching them! This is going to be my favourite thread ever! :tongue:


    What a crack up HBG, wish I was there to see that.:lol:


    Hehe HBG, too funny. Poor old Rastus 😆

    I love sitting and watching my girls. On Sunday they are going for a ‘holiday’ at a friends farm while we are in between houses – and there is going to be a rooster there. Gosh they’ll probably never want to come home!



    I have 3 old Isa brown hens that came with the farm when we bought it 2 years ago and I don’t know how old they were then and 4 RIRs I bought 4 months ago and they were then 12 weeks so are now in full feather and supposed to be laying but where? I found 1 nest about 3 weeks ago in the garden with 6 beautiful brown eggs but have not been able to fins any since. So today I have just finished putting chicken wire all round the veranda of the house to stop them getting under the house where I cannot go. here’s hoping they have not laid lots of eggs under there or we will be in for a smelly time when they burst. I also have a Chinese golden pheasant cock who has no hens and it seems only one thing on his mind so he bothers all the hens all the time. It is a hoot to watch as he struts his stuff and the hens just through their heads up as if to say ‘how tiresome what a pest’ and try to walk off in another direction. This can go on for hours it seems he has such persistence and energy.



    Lol Stephanie, we used to have a turkey who was confused about the hens too … if you find the nest this time, make sure you leave an egg in there (mark it so you don’t accidentally collect it later, or better still get a pot-egg). That way they will come back to the same nest again. By removing all the eggs you have sent them off to find another spot. I leave mine in, in the mornings so that I can collect the eggs in the box, and they get the afternoon out on the prowl.


    Well today there was a major kerfuffle in the henhouse. Rastus was crowing up a storm and may-sue was giving an ‘I’ve just laid an egg’ cackle to end all cackles. Since neither she nore Sue-Ellen announce their eggs I was confused so went to see what was going on. Rastus, in the mean time was going in and out of the roosting area looking concerned. By the time I got down there I was convinced one of the cats had wandered in an cornered Sue-Ellen. But no. Sue-Ellen had cornered the nesting box and was apparently refusing to share. Poor May-Sue had to stand there with her legs crossed till Sue-Ellen was done upon which she ran inside and laid her own egg in double-quick time. What a relief that must have been!! I wonder if chooks end up with coinciding cycles like women who live together?


    😆 Funny story there, HBG!! 😆

    As for me, there are many tiny events that cracked me up, but my only favourite sight is watching the girls running towards me whenever I open the gate for tucker. I always imagine them tuck up their frocks and galloped over the field like old ladies with bloomers showing over their skinny legs… 😉 That always made me giggle.

    My girls always fight over the laying box – we used to have 3 laying boxes but none would use any except the large blue one so they’re almost having some kind of queue going on.

    Cheers! :hug:


    I always enjoy a chook-watching thread. 🙂 🙂 But sorry to learn of your chook, Good Lifer.

    I know all about traffic jams at the nesting box. 2 of my girls absolutely positively MUST use the same box. If one chook is in that box, the other stands outside & entire suburb gets to hear about it!

    I happened to leave a bucket of seed raising mix on my work bench & the next day there was an egg in it. Fine, I thought. If one of them wants to use that, it’ll mean less noise & I’m happy to sacrifice some seed mix to spare my neighbours. No such luck. They now BOTH absolutely positively MUST lay in that bucket. <sigh>

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