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    Of course global oil prices aren’t influenced by discounting but cant ppl see that by supporting woolworths and coles schemes you are destroying competition ???

    As soon as most independants are wiped out the gougers will then have you by the balls, no more mister nice guy, you will pay what they demand…..or buy a donkey.

    C’mon guys, wise up, on an average fill up you will save about $3, not even enough for a cup of coffee !!

    Just remember too, some caltex and shell stations are independant and need your support


    I remain amazed at how fragile our global fuel system is and how easy it is for any problem in the Mid East to cause an oil spike. Who could have foresaw a wave of pro-democratic revolutions in such short time.

    We certainily need to keep up local fuel competition. I never buy from Woolies or Coles.

    But in line with another recent thread, I am left thinking about Aust not having a strategic fuel reserve and our dependance on road freight transport. I wonder how many days supply Woolies or Coles have on hand?


    So true DB, as ww and coles are probably the largest customer of caltex and shell….guess who will get preferential treatment when the crunch comes.


    It’s unbelievable how many people will line up and wait and wait for woolies/coles petrol… Get a life!!

    I bet the US is busy thinking of ways in which to get themselves involved in the recent demonstrations and regime changes that are going on in North Africa so they can have control over their oil… I think it is pretty neat that the changes have been made by people power and not super power…


    Starting Over post=305709 wrote:

    I bet the US is busy thinking of ways in which to get themselves involved in the recent demonstrations and regime changes that are going on in North Africa so they can have control over their oil… I think it is pretty neat that the changes have been made by people power and not super power…

    I would bet the US/CIA is involved in sparking the demonstrations so it will ave an excuse to send its military in and take control of the oil ……. of course all under the pretext of promoting democracy 😆 😆 😆


    The Republicans are probably trying to get another Bush to run for president, that way any old reason will do when they invade these countries…


    dont be fooled into thinking the Dems are much different

    interesting article


    Good old Hilary! Mind you the last paragraph made me think that the 45% of the black american population without a job may just rise up and do the same thing as north africa….


    DB346 post=297864 wrote: Would appear we are heading towards another fuel spike situation. Is this potentially a precursor to another GFC type of event? Similar signs in the US, Europe and Aus to the situation in 2008. Fuel increases, increases cost of living, decreases available funds for morgage repayments etc.

    Hope I am wrong here. Watch this space……………….

    Well some time has passed since I initially raised this subject, and the fuel increases are still not getting much attention. Costs are still increasing as production output has decreased and demand has slightly increased. This was all happening before troubles in the mid-east and now continues in conjunction with those troubles. We are going into another ‘supply can’t meet demand’ situation which is driving costs up.

    I know I have certainly felt the associated cost of living increases accross the board. As the cost of fuel increases, it has pushed up food costs, transport costs and all ‘goods’ delivery costs. This in turn is reducing household available funds and leading to more mortgage pressures.

    Suffice to say, I was hoping I was wrong, but as each week goes by, it is looking more and more like I was correct. We are now approaching 2008 GFC territory and I believe we are coming up on another period of turmoil.

    Fuel is sitting at aroung $1.49 Per Litre in my area, just like the precursor to the 2008 GFC. I remain amazed that this is barely rating a mention.

    Is anyone else joining the dots here?


    DB346 post=309102 wrote:

    Is anyone else joining the dots here?

    Yep. Dots joined. I think this is really the first signs of peak oil being upon us. Twice now, demand has outstripped supply. The first may have been a trigger for the GFC. This one… who knows.




    $149.9 here in my Perth suburb.


    $154.6 is the worst it got too in my area in 2008.

    I imagine those in more rural areas are already at or above this.


    BUMP! :whistle:

    In case you haven’t heard, some issues with supply demand pushing up Tapis Crude Oil (where Aust gets vast majority of our oil from) to around $130 p/b (not to mention WTC and Brent) 🙁 . Some pundits are now saying Tapis will break record highs.

    This is about to hit us via a 10c to 12c fuel increase in the coming week :jawdrop: , with no view of it dropping in the forseeable future 🙁 .

    You may wish to consider budgeting accordingly and/or stock up on a gerry can or two. :tup:


    We live within 1 hour from Adelaide and we pay the highest around anywhere.

    In this town we have 2 service stations both compete with each other to who can have the highest fuel prices. I saw the other day LPG 79.9c l Deisel $1.69cl and fuel $1.65l :angry:

    over in the next town with the Woolies and Coles its down to $1.52. :shrug:

    I get hubby to get mine when he is in Adelaide.


    In Missoula (Montana, U.S.A) on and after the 2/1/12 fuel was $2.99 a gallon (about 75c a litre at time of purchase with the exchange rate). Prices were similar everywhere else we travelled in the States, with usually the dearest about $3.20 a gallon.

    In Townsville this morning I noticed that the fuel at the BP on the Bruce HIghway at Deeragun was $1.45 a litre for unleaded and diesel was $1.47; Woolies/Caltex next door was the same for diesel and 1c cheaper for unleaded. Yesterday, unleaded was $1.40. We’ve all been ‘congratulated’ that Townsville has been the cheapest for fuel on average but you can definitely see that the big companies have us over a barrel (pardon the pun) because up here there is no real competition and no price cycles. The cost of diesel was the same from when we went overseas at the end of November ’11 to when we came home again late January ’12. The train line runs along the Bruce Highway and the only trains you see on it are the Sunlander and the trains that go to the refinery at Yabulu. If the government was really serious about the environment they’d take more long distance freight off the trucks and onto the trains.

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