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Frying pan dilemma

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    Another thanks from me too, KatieK. Hubby’s camping ovens are quietly rusting on the back deck and are in desperate need of restoration!


    Hey it’s your birthday Rommie. Happy Birthday…


    ccBear wrote:

    For heavy rust soak it in 1 Lt molasses to 10 Lt water for a few days. Checking each day to see how it is going.

    I didn’t know about this one ccBear – good one to know. Thanks.;)

    Also while we are on the subject of the almost indestructible cast iron cookware. We had a cast iron triple jaffle iron (very heavy duty one) which was ancient and used it for years when we went camping, and even inside sometimes on the gas. Then it started to produce tiny iron ‘pills’ when it was heated, and we had to throw it. :(:(

    Don’t have any science skills so don’t know why it happened, maybe someone here can clue me up on this (?). :shrug: Just letting those who might have one of the really old ones to be on the lookout for this. The newer ones in the camping stores now seem to be a lot lighterweight metal than the oldies – I liked the heavy ones best.

    Otherwise unless you throw ice cold water into an extremely hot pot (and who would want to), or it drops heavily – and then it will possibly crack – with minimum care they are virtually indestructible.:tup:


    While buying a non stick cookware, the first thing that needs to be checked is the coating which is used.Non stick cookwares coated with Teflon is harmful for Human Body. It has a substance called Carcinogen which can initiate cancer. There are several coating which are 100% natural.Ecolon is one of them. Neoflam is manufacturing non stick cookwares coated with Ecolon.


    Hi there,

    With the cast iron items you have, are they difficult to clean? I am very used to using the conventional scotch brite sponges (the yellow and green ones) to clean my utensils). Would that be too harsh on cast iron pots? Thank you for your help in advance.




    Interesting topic!

    In my new house there is a gas cooktop and also a wood burner to heat the living area.

    This has a grill type top to allow heat out I assume.

    As I am first cousin to scrooge McDuck I was looking for the most economical way to cook.

    Went to the camping store and bought a 4.5 qt camp oven,cast iron and pretty heavy.

    I start he cooking process on the gas, as the oven takes a while to heat, and the transfer it to the wood burner where it simmers away happily.

    Brilliant for roasting and for stews or soups.

    Yes the thing is heavy but I will think about this and see if I can use my old tea trolly to move it from one stove to the other. Maybe a look in the op shop is called for.

    Age will not slow me down if I can help it.

    I wash it in detergent then rub olive oil in before putting it away, so far so good.


    I found this great site with lots of interesting info on cast iron cookware recently. I’m hoping to visit family in the US next year, and might ask my sister to be on the lookout for pans for me when she’s op shopping.


    I am using the Neoflam pans/frying pans, they are very good, much better than other brands I have used over the years. You cook on a much lower heat with them.


    I have cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel,non stick and enamel.

    All are good for different types of cooking.

    I wouldn’t cook a steak in non stick

    I wouldn’t cook a stir fry in an enamel

    but each has a use,stainless is the most sticky though but its good if you are going to make a sauce from the stuff that stuck.

    The flavour you get from a slow cook in an enamel cant be matched.

    Non stick for eggs and pancakes is so convenient.

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