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Fruit Tree tasks over winter?

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    Hi All

    I have just got back into the garden after several months break and noticed all my fruit trees are starting to develop buds. What tasks do you do to ready for the growing season?

    I gave them all a small prune yesterday and am wondering what you use to treat curly leaf, which a few had last year. This will be there second growing season, so they are all very small.

    Do you fertilise? I have never had fruit trees before…

    What are others doing with their fruit trees?

    Thank you in advance 🙂


    Hi Kristy,

    I have just been pruning out inward facing branches and weighing down some branches with pots of gravel to get more of an open vase shape to my trees.

    I have just fertilized some of my fruit trees with dynamic lifter such as citrus who are setting fruit, mulberries and loquets which are early fruit setters.

    I will probably fertilize my other trees as they are flowering and starting to set fruit.

    I will spray my peach, nectarine, almond, cherry and plums for leaf curl and shot hole when the buds begin to swell and again when the petals start to fall with lime sulphur.



    That’s a great idea to use the gravel to open up the fruit trees. I have wondered about doing this myself as I have heard the fruit grows on the horizontal branches. I might see how I can do this a little…

    How do you use the lime sulphur? Does it come as power or liquid?

    Thank you 🙂


    I’ve just finished pruning – better late than never! The peaches and nectarines have had a heavier prune than the other trees beause they only bear fruit on last season’s growth. I use Yates Fungus Fighter on the trees to ward off leaf curl and other fungal diseases – I normally shy away from Yates, but this product is pretty good. I also use some Dynamic Lifter as fertiliser, but last year had too much branch/leaf growth at the expense of fruit. This year I’m using some Complete D fertiliser at my Dad’s recommendation – it’s got more of the minerals that should encourage more fruit. I’m also letting my chooks free-range everywhere at the moment so they should clean up the bugs.


    Have just given the nectarine tree a prune today,and mulched the cuttings.

    Found a grub in the trunk and got rid of it.

    Gave the mulberry trees a slight prune of unwanted branches and noticed 2 mulberries on the tree yay.I also noticed the mulberry trees are starting to wake up.

    I have plenty of chook or sheep poo liquified so will water that down and give the trees some.


    When our fruit trees are small and starting to have curly leaf we just pick off the affected leaves. We put the leaves into a plastic bag to be disposed of later by burning.

    After a couple of years the curly leaf is gone. :tup: For larger trees the lime sulphur sounds the way to go. :tup:

    We mulch all our fruit trees, including citrus, quite heavily, making sure to keep the mulch away from the trunks. Mr Bobbs puts a collar a few inches larger than the tree trunk, around the trunk on the ground to keep the mulch at a safe distance. :tup:

    Just picked our first for the season mandarin today. Yummo!


    My trees have only just lost their leaves (southern coastal Adelaide). I will be pruning in the next couple of weeks.

    On my block in the Clare valley I have about 90 fruit trees, and planting another 20 this year. So this time of year is busy for me!

    Most of my trees were either planted last year or the year before, so I have a lot of training of shape to do. About 50 apples and pears are planted in rows as standard trees, the rest are planted as espaliers on a 3 wire system.

    Good fun!


    Loving hearing about everyones plans for their fruit trees. It is giving me ideas…


    I feel like we are slacking off, all I’m doing is trying to clear the grass out from under our established trees so I can mulch them in August/Sept and then I’ll be trying to grow greens under them over summer. Our apples are too small to do anything, they hardly have any branches etc coz they are only young. :shrug:


    Isn’t it funny how we garden so differently in different areas, fruitful, I have a winter veg garden under the fruit trees because they lose their leaves and so the veg get the winter sun. 🙂 Although I should be able to grow lettuce and other shade lovers through the summer too if I can keep Mr Bobbs calm enough. Mr Bobbs has a winter garden and a summer garden and never the twain should meet. Me, I grow stuff every which way, just so long as it grows, I am a sore trial to my DH. :laugh:

    I have things like nasturtiums, borage, alyssum, geraniums and various thymes growing in the mulch under the fruit trees to encourage good bugs etc and as companium plants. As some one else said, it is fun. :tup: Again as someone else said, I too enjoy reading about what other folk are doing with their gardens and fruit trees etc. It is great to share ideas and methods and a great way to learn. :tup:

    I must add that our orchard might sound pretty terrific but it is all very new and young and small as yet, we are adding to it as we go. So it’s very much a work in progress.



    you are so right Bobbee, instead of thinking that we are slacking off, I would do well to remember that we are a couple of weeks behind the rest of Adelaide as far as everything in the garden is concerned. it will give me ample time to look into sprays, supplements etc and also more time to plan the under planting of our fruit trees. :clap: time to get out my gardening info!!!


    I read somewhere here a while ago (possibly years ago… :laugh: ) that people put something on their fruit trees when they were in the same yard as the chooks. I want to say lime…..not sure if thats it… does anyone know? My stone fruit orchard is in the chook yard. Is there something else I should give the trees? The trees obviously get a lot of chook poo. But it also gets old horse and cow poo, sawdust, old hay (lucerne and oaten) I can’t even remember what it was supposed to do…. the trees are going great guns, but it was just one of those things where I thought, oooo I must remember that. then totally forgot what it was that I was meant to remember. :whistle:


    hi gypsyoak, I have no idea what it would be but it really makes sense to me that it could be lime. As I understand it citrus like acidic conditions but I don’t think that stone fruit love it so much and lime is supposed to take some of the acidity away, since chook poo is acidic it would seem to be a good idea!! Anyway I’m sure that someone with more knowledge will be able to steer you in the right direction. :tup:




    I am part way through my pruning my fruit trees. At the moment. Its a big job though as they haven’t been done in 5 or more years. What do I spray apple and pear trees with and how can I give my citrus a boost. Do I fertaiise the apple and pear now. I’m just starting to get new growth now.



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