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Fruit that is being eaten now in the subtropics

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    Pretty tough little plants actually.
    My one is in crap soil, gets virtually no extra water or extra fertiliser and keeps on going.
    You have to be patient if you want fruit though I think it took over 10 years to get the first lot.


    “but jaboticaba is still playing hard to get and so is the chocolate sapote.”

    Same here, both planted at the same time about 4 years ago, the J’s have barely moved, sigh… the Sapote has fruit on it this year but they kind of stopped growing and have been sitting there the size of tennis balls and green, maybe next year ?
    We’re at 30 degrees south to give you an idea.

    We  had  very last of some Oranges and Mandarins last week, White mulberry by the billion (inside a ultra large chook enclosure and netted completely and just coming on) and Peaches.  We also have Peppino.  I would really recommend those, they seem to fruit all year around and are often the only thing we have one and are wonderful eating, a cross between a cucumber and a honey dew in flavour and texture. 
    To give you an idea of what works where we are, our fruit list runs to:
    Here when we bought the place
    Nashi Pear (deceased, long story, did well, fruit fly prone, hnd to bag all the fruit, okay as the fruit are big and not so many)
    Nectarine (diseased tree I removed, did well, fruit fly prone had to bag all the fruit, a pain in the butt)
    Thornless Blackberry (does really well and awesome prolific fruit)
    Macadamia (about an ice cream bucket of nuts from two trees))
    White Mulberry (prolific fruiter, protected in an enclosure)
    Pecan (nothing)
    Strawberries (Bed moved 2 years ago, huge amount of strawberries))
    Cherry Guava (terrible fruit)
    Japanese Raisin (wouldn’t bother, tastes “okay” fruit looks like a turd from a small dog)
    Brazilian Cheery (sour as hell, I won’t eat them my pater has a few)
    Persimmon  (I don’t like them my partner loves them)
    Tangelo (1 tree, prolific fruiter, best citrus ever)
    Mandarins (3 trees)
    Kumquat (why bother !)
    Oranges ( 3 varieties)
    Apricot (no fruit ever)
    Lemon (no fruit ever, got rid of it)
    Tahitian Lime (prolific Fruiter)
    Kafir Lime (died)
    Grapefruit (died)
    Olives (2 types, I don’t eat them)
    Fruit we’ve planted in the last couple years
    Blueberry (not so well but small handful of tasty fruit)
    Raspberry (not so well, were doing well but a house sitter took it upon themselves to move them, not doing so well)
    Pecans (not so well)
    Jaboticaba (not doing so well)
    Dwarf Mulberry (doing well, replaced one the died a couple years ago)
    Black Mulberry (doing well)
    Drumstick Tree (died, how the hell do you kill one of those…sigh)
    Dragon Fruit (doing well)
    Bananas (not doing so well, ultra dry year)
    Planted and died
    Avocados (wouldn’t stop raining in 2011 and they both died, same with a dwarf mulberry)
    Planned to add
    Finger Limes
    ??? ( up for some ideas)

    Ive killed a few avocados and my lemon just died… root rot long dry spells bush turkey scratching roots first good bit of rain they just die with a full set of leaves look like they are blow torched….. phytophthora
    I saved the lime by watering it with detol (local remedy,it kills everything in the soil good and bad I would imagine),its still alive and doing real well.
    Trying another avo in a pot and will buy another lemon, it did real well until the bush turkey just went mad near its roots  for months (it must smell nice to them),totally died almost overnight after the rain we had a few weeks back.
    Apple did well but died in the drought ,I will replace that
    Ive killed a few drumsticks and a fig and a pomegranate virtually all of those should be bomb proof.
    I want another chinnotto I killed 2 of those and they make great marmalade.
    I planted a Tangerine in the same spot it died to ,probably more to do with location than anything too dry to hot near a wall.
    Plum and nectarine are growing but haven’t fruited (nectarine did first year and a bird got it must have had a winter chill before it got here???).
    Peach does real well most years sometimes with 2 crops other times with none.
    Blueberries are doing well and so is the raspberries
    Strawbs do well,I just need to grow more of them.
    Dragon fruit is plodding along fruitless.
    Passionfruits do well I have had a bunch or 2 of bananas ,not enough love ,I need to find them a spot with some more water and food.
    Saba nut is growing slowly no fruit
    Macadamias slowly very few fruit
    Grumichama is fruiting after long wait
    Soursop hasnt delivered yet
    Mandarins do ok
    Oranges haven’t delivered too shady a location I suspect.(they will be moved)f.
    Brazilian cherry does ok but not a favourite,they look good though
    Barbados cherry did well but its half dead I suspect root rot.


    We’re experiencing some weird weather here at the moment – hot and WET! All my destert plants (the ones that don’t like wet roots) are stuggling, but someothers are going gangbusters


    Watered the grumichama today its a very dry wet season.
    Its covered spewin its my starve day on the 5 2 so only had 1
    I cant wait till tomorrow morning


    Worth the wait. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    How big is the fruit snags on google it doesn’t look very big?


    Like a small grape it tastes like a spicy cherry.


    I had the last few grumichamas today
    Ive still got some soursop sorbet in the freezer waiting for the next fruit that comes along

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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