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    We have also stumbled onto the fruit and veg section of Lambert (21 Rendle St in aitkenvale) they have some local things and it’s really good prices.


    Lamberts F&V is not open Mon and Tues (found that out last week :uhoh: )

    The bulk buy place has been gone for a few years now, more’s the pity. I buy big bags of stuff, mainly catering type supplies from Debra Lee Trading in Garbutt.


    So where does everyone buy bulk flour/sugar/bicarb/baking type stuff. Really interested in obtaining bulk flour as seem to be going through heaps of that.

    Can recommend the honey at willows market, one of the stalls is a family run one based at Majors Creek and they have yummy honey.


    the honey family’s son lives in my street, he drops in a bit to see the fish. They also deliver the honey as part of the service.

    I get bulk flour, pulses, nuts etc from Debra Lee. Big bottles of sauces, catering packs.


    Missy71 the f&v man is at Bluewater from early (I think 7 or so) the lady who recommended him to me said its best to be there before 9 for the best stuff. When I went the other day I was there at 8:30 and there were heaps of people!! I was really surprised how popular he is.


    You need to be aware that Lamberts are part of the live animal transport halal trade with Malaysia and boast of being about to set up Malaysia’s biggest feedlot – to quote their web-site ‘…aimed at improving their quality of beef, average daily weight gains, inventory turnover, cash flow and, of course the bottom line: Profits! ‘ Doesn’t exactly fit in with organic or free-range practice so I won’t buy from them.

    I hadn’t heard of Debra Lee, so will try them – thanks Jaymie.


    :rip: urk, I hadn’t known that about Lamberts, thanks Helen :blurk:


    I think I will have to check out the debra lee place, been looking for somewhere to get some bulk consumables.


    they are a local company too, and the ladies are very helpful


    Hi folks,

    The guy in the blue ute on Upper RRR (Riverway Drive) when is he there and how big a range of produce does he have?

    I’ve been supermarket shopping recently…used to go to some folks down Bowen Road on a Saturday morning (set up in an automotive repair place near the bridge) but that was before I started Saturday work!


    Roy in the blue ute (he looks like a garden gnome) is there Wed thru Sunday (I think i have the weekdays right, but def there on weekends), till about 6pm – i will check the days. He has all the basics plus seasonal items.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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