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Frugal February

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    Eira Clapton

    missy71 it is hard to fill up hungry kids!

    My DH and I work part-time, and I want to save up to see my grand daughter in Tasmania. I have managed to save $200 from our usual grocery bill, so now I want to go even lower!

    I have written a post about my second Frugal February week here

    Eira Clapton

    My third week of Frugal February is blogged about here

    I think the best thing about FF is that the other two adults in the house (DH and DD) are now more aware of what I am trying to do, and how it needs to change their behaviour too.

    DH has stopped going to the shop whenever he sees we are out of something, and instead tries to work around it.

    DD has started taking more responsibility!

    Eira Clapton

    I have written a blog post about the last week of Frugal February. I am pretty pleased with how it all turned out.

    Now I have to work out what kind of motivation I can have for March -miserly march doesn’t quite sound right!


    Good for you, EMW! It can definitely help to have a focus like that. What about the March Money Motivator?

    You did well with getting your sofa repaired. It is a beautiful piece! We have an ancient recliner chair that my hubby picked up for $5 at a garage sale more than 25 years ago. It was covered in mustard coloured vinyl which had torn, and the seat cushion perished too. Ages ago we had it recovered and a new cushion put in, and the upholsterer commented that it was worth doing as it was a solid piece of furniture with good workings. It needs doing again now, but has lasted so well!

    I love your purple runner too, and the idea of decorating for Lent – I never thought about changing the colours in a part of my home to reflect the church season.

    Eira Clapton

    Mudhen the seasonal decorating started because I have had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas. Then DH challenged me to decorate for Easter, and it kind of grew from there.

    As I have a pretty neutral kind of decor I can add seasonal touches and this freshen things up.

    It could be done with the earth seasons -like decorating for autumn with seeds, cones and such, or with shells for summer.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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