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Freecycle wins!

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    I have really been loving using Freecycle lately, and my local Adelaide group has been quite active (here’s the link: ) I’ve been giving away heaps of Water Kefir grains through it, which has been lovely to be able to do. Recently I’ve picked up a popcorn popper (mine died and I needed an electric one that my daughter can safely use) and a waffle iron, as well as an enormous foam moon seat (like a bean bag but has a solid foam filling) to put in my daughter’s room for her book nook.

    Do you use Freecycle? Found anything great? What have you given away?


    We are now in a rural area so dont use the local one because things are usually snapped up really quick.

    I used to use it all the time when we lived in the burbs- when the council cleanup was on I would snaffle anything that looked good (high chair and bird cage in great nick for example) and list them on Freecycle as it was heaps better than having them go to landfill.


    Nice scores mudhen! I’ve tried joining freecycle a couple of times without success. It just sends me round and round in circles to some Yahoo log-in which I do, but it still doesn’t work. May have to try again….


    I’ve never tried free cycle but I have heard of some great ‘gets’ by others. And what a boon to have an avenue for passing on good but unwanted stuff to others.

    We all have times of clearing out and we all have times of needing something extra, if I drove a car I reckon I would frequent free cycle.



    Definitely worth giving it another go, Bel. I have really appreciated it, and while some people get worn down by the time wasters / no shows, I’ve not had that problem.

    Girl Friday, I love your idea of picking stuff up from curb side to offer on Freecycle! My poor hubby probably wouldn’t manage that very well, tho! I’d have to clear out all the stuff I actually have sitting around first lol!


    I sent through a request to join the Adelaide Freecycle group last night. there doesn’t appear to be one up here in the hills.


    Bobbee,, not being able to drive around and pick stuff up would certainly make it hard to use. Depending on where you are (eg how populated an area) you could still use it to pass things on to others, though.

    Bel, I hope you get a reply. As far as I know, it is an Adelaide region group, it helps that each post has the location in the subject line, eg Offer – Water Kefir Grains – Norwood. That way you can tell right away if it’s reasonable for you to pick it up.

    Eira Clapton

    We have quite an active group in Joondalup (northern suburbs Perth) and whilst I mostly use it for giving away things I no longer need, I have also received some fabric samples which I use for craft.

    This weekend I gave away an office chair which was too good to throw away. Not the same success with a TV bench with one wonky castor, so I guess the next step will be to put it on the nature strip with a ‘free’ sign and see if it goes that way.

    One time we were digging up a lot of cannas from the garden and we advertised them on Freecycle. They went to several recipients who were glad to get them.


    This week I have given away a box of computer parts and a water cooler we are no longer using.  My son is having a birthday party at our house early next month, and I am looking around carefully at what can go.  

    Mind you, I am still bringing things home, to my dh’s dismay!!  I found the most enormous picnic basket at an op shop recently, and it was only when I was carrying it out to the car that I realized how big and heavy it really was.  Then a friend was visiting and saw it and asked whether I was using it as a toy box, which really is perfect as my kids are grown, but I love to have things out for little ones who visit – now I have a place to keep playthings, rather than digging around in a wardrobe when they’re needed.


    When i arrived in adelaide, my house had been decked out in freecycle furniture.

    I dont use it anymore, when i clean or cull. i want it gone there and then, so everything goes in the bin

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