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free female guinea pig, totally cute

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    My son lost interest, but I think she’s the most adorable and sweet little pet.

    Very clean and tidy, and very interested in people. Her hair is medium to short, so she doesn’t need grooming.

    She’s free to good home if you pick her up.

    If you want her accessories, they will cost — the feeder and waterer you can have for $5 for both. However if you want the hutch, I might ask for $50 (or whatever you feel you can afford), as it took me a whole day to make, and is very sturdy and useful. It has a wide-mesh floor so the hutch can be put out onto grass for grazing, but it won’t tip over or be easily got into by a dog, and the covering mesh is rat-proof. It has many hatches to get at things inside the hutch (including doors at each end), and has handles for easy carrying as well as very useful cut-to-suit flooring that can be pulled out easily for cleaning.

    Try me on 0448 094 849. The guinea pig is available from the Central Coast, NSW.

    PS I might deliver if not too far! Try me… 😉


    She is very, very cute. Guinea pigs make lovely pets. 🙂


    Damn, too far to post, haha. Our boy is lonely:(


    awww she is lovely 🙂 wish i could take her off u , but having over 50 rabbits my hubby would kill me 🙂 hope you find her a great home


    I’d definitely take her if I wasn’t down in Victoria! It’s been awhile since I’ve owned a guinea pig but they’re always fun creatures to have around. If there was a way to get her down here…. alas. :shrug:


    hehe there are frieght com[anies that do live stock 🙂 a few of the show rabbits have frequent flyer points 🙂


    ^_^ I would, but it’s expensive to freight down. She looks like a real sweetie, but you might find someone closer who can take her. Great idea though! (I’m slightly attached to Cavy’s because I used to show them!)


    Thanks everyone — I’ve never had a guinea pig before, so I’m totally smitten, but I have too many chicks and chooks to deal with.

    I’ve had some interest from nearby, so I think she’ll go to a good home. 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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