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freaking out

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    ok you can laugh i can now

    for the last 2 weeks i had been telling the males there was a horrid dead smell in the sewing room,even though it is empty,they said nah you are imagining it,ok then

    this am in the hallway i discovered huge maggots(blowflies) and trying fo find the source,looked behind the door lo and behold heaps of them,so that was that i was full on screaming at the males,the poor bloke came racing over thinking something bad happened,ebd result cleaned them up threw them in the bin,found a hole in the woodowrk and plugged it up temporarily

    so when termite people come tomorrow they are going into the roof to find source,when dh was talking to rental place they said about a year ago the cleaners found a dead cat and 2 dead possums in the roof

    ohh lovely,what next is going to happen


    I smell chook tucker, mine love maggots! :clap:


    Yep, Jock kill and gut piglets…chooks and ducks eat guts and head….Tully and Jock eat eggs and chooks and ducks :tup:

    Maggots are free ‘mechanical meat meal’, as Dr Harry (Bless his Welsh Mountain Pony breeding heart) would call them 😀

    I always try to let something or other get blown….free, top quality poultry feed :tup:

    mary dollmary doll

    oh i love doctor harry I ( not in the biblical sense):lol::lol:…



    Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan shudders & says:

    “OH S***, She’s awake!!”

    Tullsee I lurves ya sig. :tup:

    Ya might have had it for a while but I just noticed it. 😆


    Sorry luvin I’m OT. :hug::hug::hug:


    That’s OK Bobbs, I think we’re all a bit off topic 😆

    Signed: Mrs Maggot :rol:


    hehehe thats alright , i hate cockaroaches but i used to love feeding them to the chookies and they lurved to eat em.

    they make me skin shudder but i got great pleasure watchin the chookins chasin every last one down in the yard:lol:

    cheers Kate


    my youngest used to ctach cockroaches to feed a friendly magpie every morning,he use to get up real early,he was only 4 and catch them and wait for maggie to turn up and then feed her one by one,he loved that bird


    EWWW!! Poor luvin and in the sewing room too… :rip:

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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