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Fracking – all our arable land – Tasmania?

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    not entirely sure this is the right place, given that the process seems to be inimicable to both, but here goes.

    we have a public meeting organised in Oatlands (Tasmania) next Friday (2 August) as a company named Petratherm has applied for a licence to carry out fracking to explore the possibilities of this process to produce natural gasses Naturally our local Council thinks it a fabulous idea, but I am concerned… I gather that in areas where this has been carried out there have been episodes of spontaneous collapse of entire paddocks into sink holes: that earth tremors have occurred along fault lines (we have a fault runs under the town) and that the substance pumped into the ground to release the gases is highly toxic (these are also our aquifers for which many locals have water rights). Does anyone have any useful information about this process in a user-friendly form? I failed all high school sciences, but topped my class in Geology all those years ago, so something not too technical would be useful.

    Any ALSers who share my concerns (there is no clarity as to where in Central Tassie this might occur) might also like to come to the Gay Street Hall in Oatlands next FRIDAY (2 August) (7:30pm) to find out a bit more.

    The purpose of the meeting is to inform the community. Apparently Petratherm has so far declined to attend …


    There is some info here and also on the other pages on this site Hillbilly Girl.

    CSG is an issue right around the country.


    Thanks Steve, much appreciated. Have just posted on Facebook too to see if I can alarm some of the local farmers about their bore water potability, if nothing else. We need to have some of the longstanding locals concerned if we are to change things.


    all the best hg, this is not good at all

    it’s such an evil thing that is springing up everywhere


    For those who are unable to come to Friday’s meeting but would still like some information, there is a meeting scheduled in Hobart on Monday 6th at Sustainable Living, level 1, 71 Murray Street, Hobart at 5:30pm. This one does, however appear to be more of an action-group meeting than an information session so the balance of discussion may not be as good. Unfortunately Petratherm have not yet responded to our (repeated) invitations to our meeting in Oatlands which will also skew the balance of discussion at that meeting also. Nevertheless, this appears to be a serious threat to a range of issues, not least the reason so many of you mainlanders came here in the first place … clean air, clean water … 🙁


    what a great turnout last night. Despite bitter winds and rain the Gay Street Hall was standing room only (ok,it’s a small hall and doesn’t have that many seats …) with a broad cross section of the community present. Greens member (accompanied by our Federal aspirant) was present, but neither of the other parties deigned to attend despite invitation. Petratherm was also noticeably absent – apparently they do not consider our views important, but will be meeting privately with Council.. No-one came from the Department of Mines – surprise – they prefer to meet privately with Council too. But the presentation from Lock the Gate was compelling and those two Councillors who did attend (who will be getting my vote next election) obtained a copy of the DVD we saw to show to their fellow-Councillors. Everyone behaved with restraint and courtesy – it was a good meeting. We have established a Facebook Page: Stop destructive coal and gas mining Tasmania, if you want to like us or join us. Share it with your Friends.

    If you didn’t make last night’s meeting, try to get to the one in Hobart on Tuesday – it will be enlightening. Watching those farmers’ body language was compelling – hearing them say they wished they had never let these people on their land … well what can you say. Urge your local candidates to let you know their views. Vote for the one who will support a moratorium on this damaging activity. Support the ones who will agree to provide landowners with the right to refuse access to their land. And keep yourselves informed!!!


    It’s been demonstrated in NSW that on a state level you can’t trust either party lib or lab in regard to coal seam gas exploration. Greens are not an option for me.

    There’s no media journalist willing to keep the population in the loop as to what’s going on, except A Jones on radio.


    I Imagine the problem wont be solved by being kept in the loop by Alan Jones but by voting Greens and getting a hung parliament that needs to negotiate with them.


    Yes, I agree. We are trying to keep things a-political here as it is a conservative rural community still very angry about the fallout from the Forests Agreement (and yes, that was coming for 40 year, but it takes time to work these things out). Radical action and perceptions of Green involvement would be counterproductive until we can woo more support from major landholders. Once they are on board we can be a bit less cautious.

    Good meeting in Hobart with Climate Action Group Tas = very helpful and moderate involvement. Very supportive – very glad I went!! Despite having no petrol for the rest of the week, lol.


    BTW, we are liaising with the greens behind the scenes so not totally apolitical, lol


    Jones is the only person telling joe public of the dangers of this type of mining. The greens are a dead loss & not in the equation. The only Mainstream media that has followed jones’ lead is The Australian which no doubt will upset some individuals.


    Jones is not a legislator, and many thinking people dismiss anything he says due to his track record. I would not waste my time hearing what he has to say. He does have the power to influence public views however. Any tool can be useful if used properly. But that one tends to turn on its user.

    We are having another public meeting on 13 September which is unfortunately after the election. You can, however, lobby your local parliamentarian and candidates of all stripes – as them their personal and party views on the issue. I am not normally a one-issue voter, but I will be this time.


    MEETING OATLANDS 13 September – Oatlands RSL, 7:30 we will be hearing from a number of speakers, hopefully from across the spectrum. But so far the proponent has failed to respond to my list of questions, despite the fact I live in the area of the lease. They are trying to make out we are ratbags and not someone they wish to deal with – but then saying they will be happy to answer questions from people who are interested to hear what they have to say … sounds familiar …


    Xio post=357688 wrote: Jones is the only person telling joe public of the dangers of this type of mining. The greens are a dead loss & not in the equation. The only Mainstream media that has followed jones’ lead is The Australian which no doubt will upset some individuals.

    And yet the fracking keeps increasing at a an ever increasing rate despite Alans efforts

    Lets see if it happens under a hung state parliaments with Greens holding the power and see who the dead loss really is.

    I would be putting my money on Alan which no doubt will upset some individuals.


    Over 400 likes on our facebook page and over 8800 people following it, which is good news The proponent has been foolish enough to state in two newspaper articles that he was not invited to our meeting. Does he not know that emails leave a paper trail? Fortunately the ABC seems to be providing more balanced reporting and the Country Hour today had two very interesting interviews. One with the proponent who, in defending the soundness of their well casings mentioned they are constructed from alternating layers of steel and – wait for it – lead-cement!!! :huh: :ohmy:

    The other presenter, an environmental engineer, confirmed some of my assertions in my ‘comments’ sent as a separate document to my formal objection. The saga continues. Objections close on 12 August (this monday).

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