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Fox Proof Fence

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    Hey Bandicoot Valley,

    I was just browsing this thread looking for a solution for our place when I remembered I’d read about a solution in one of those earth garden type magazines ages ago! :blink:

    You set up electric (those solar type but joined together and plugged in to an electric supply) lights all around the yard but programmed to a central control and (somehow) set them to light up at random throughout the night. It supposedly keeps the foxes on alert and they don’t like that.

    Seemed like a good idea when I read about it but since we’ve been here we haven’t had any spare cash to throw at the idea. :shrug:


    This is a new one for me for scaring foxes.

    Dad bought this fox scaring flashing light with different colours randomly before lambing this year I’ll ask him how he went with it next time i talk to him.


    Nice one Kerrie, thank you. I have a friend who is a hairdresser. I’ll try that.

    Since adding another layer of heavy duty chook wire, we haven’t had any more visitations, thankfully. Still considering doing the whole place as half the paddock is now an orchard where I want the chooks to freerange and the lower half I can still keep motherless lambs in.

    Very interested to hear how your dads lights went too.


    I would have thought there’d be a law against salons letting people have hair………….? I wonder if a few old showered in towels would have the same effect on foxes?


    I am really disappointed that my chooks and ducks have to be enclosed during the day whilst I am at work, I would love them to roam the orchard during th daylight hours. I have just been and had a look at the Electranet fencing system. Just wondering how effective they are given that they are so low? Has anyone used.

    Mumchook you mentioned you have the system. How are you finding it? It looks like $400, is this $400 well spent? I would love to hear more about this as I can imagine it would cost a bit to fence my 300 sqm orchard….


    we must be lucky here :shrug:.

    We had many chooks taken in the past so we made a basic fence to keep them out. And so far we have had no chickens lost, and no digging etc. The fence is made of star pickets,wood posts and chicken wire, we had the lambs in this area for at least 2 months and now we have close to 30 baby chicks and 12 chickens. I have seen a fox at the fence since we erected it, but so far none have been able to get in.

    here are some pics (both shots are taken from the inside of the fence and outside is just ‘bush’ Im not sure how much land we fenced off.. we never ‘measured’ it, but i think it’s 1/2 an acre give or take 😉

    Attached files

    just trying

    I use Bass Strait, seems to work.

    Fox proofing a whole property on the mainland is going to be an expensive exercise. You’ll need to be sure what your protecting is worth the expense. Is there a chance you could build a smaller enclosure to house the stock at night. What about a using a dog to keep the foxes away.


    They have a fox proof run they are all day and night at the moment, but only small.

    I was talking to the local general store owner and he seems to think my chooks and ducks will be fine during the day. Especially since there is a house block with a huge range of poultry and birds right on the creek where to foxes apparently live. So they should go to there place for lunch before mine.

    What are your thought? If my chooks wings are clipped would I be safe leaving them out between 7am and 6pm during summer and whilst I am at work? I like in a country township. Do I just risk it?


    BlueWren post=315642 wrote: I would have thought there’d be a law against salons letting people have hair………….? I wonder if a few old showered in towels would have the same effect on foxes?

    Just been reminded of this thread.After reading it before I asked my hairdresser what they do with clients’ hair and she said it just goes in the bin, no laws about its disposal.That really surprised me.Someone mustn’t have thought of that one yet……..


    Best fox deterrent is a livestock Guardian Dog :tup: Good fences help too, but you really can’t beat an effective working dog for flock protection. A lot of free range poultry farmers use them, though traditionally they work with sheep and goats.

    We have 5 foot waratah mesh fences with a 30cm lap at the bottom (so, using the 1.8m high mesh) around our orchard where the chooks free range. This type of fence is unfortunately NOT cheap! :pinch: But it is an effective deterrent (If I wanted to add to this, I would add hotwire top and bottom on the outside). The chooks are locked in their night houses at night for added protection.

    If you wanted a cheaper option I agree on the electronet fencing as an option for daytime. I would still lock them up at night.

    The dogs do the work keeping the general area safe so the chooks are not ‘easy pickings’ for them. To date we have not lost a chook, though you can hear the foxes calling in the gully at night sometimes (particularly in mating season). You know they are there as the dogs are working hard telling the foxes to keep away :laugh:

    We did have a few fun times earlier on when we first moved in (before we had chooks here and before the orchard was fenced). One fox would come up close to the house to investigate. The dogs made sure he knew it was not a good idea 😉


    Thank you espinay2, currently I only have 2 ducks, 2 chooks and 4 chickens, but if I could have them out roaming during the day I would like to get a few more, but how much do I spend on protecting them? I have one dog, but he just wants to eat them still. He is getting better, but still wouldn’t have him roaming with them.

    I am happy to lock them up at night, that’s no problem. So you think the electronet fencing would work? That sounds like a great idea actually because you can move it easily apparently so I could give them half the orchard if I wanted and then the other half. It actually sounds reasonable priced compared to building permanent large runs, which I couldn’t do on my own and all the materials, just wire and stakes are expensive, the electronet was about $400 delivered I think…

    I would love to get a dog to protect the poultry, the maremma’s look adorable, but I don’t think 300sqm is a large enough area for one… Also not sure how much extra it would cost to have another dog… Maybe if I had enough chickens and ducks to be making money of them I could get then justify getting a dog…


    Hi BV, I was told by an old bushie about human hair as a fox deterent as well.

    Seems fox’s hate the smell of human hair and you hang it in old stockings on the fence.


    We have foxes here. Every now and then they come and kill. We haven’t foxproofed everything yet but keep trying.

    I was told to get the husband to pee on the fence, has to be male pee I was told. He hasn’t done it yet and I don’t know if it would work for long. Another thing I was told was to get dog poo and spread that on the outside of the pens. I did try that but it was a while ago now. Can’t remember if the fox came while that was there or not. We don’t have a dog. I got the daughter to bring out a bag. Might have to try that again as a fox was here a week or so ago.

    Has anyone made a fox trap? One that will catch them alive so that it could be shot? I’d like to try that.



    As brazen and under your nose as they sometimes are what a fox hates most of all is that other noxious animal of the planet…the human being. I notice many of the tactics are to make the fox think there are people around. A guy won peoples choice on the New inventors with a flashing foxlight and i’ve got one and swear by it for night time protection. I’ve acidentally left the door open and not lost anything and the testimonials on his site are worth reading. people reckon they’re almost 100%. it looks like a person randomly shining a torch around. Using the same theory i leave the radio on loudly on ABC local while i walk my dogs. the dogs take care of things the rest of the time. so the human hair again is using the human’s might be around tactic. the smell of humans. My fencing is not dug into the ground or anything and i’ve never had foxes digging in even though they easily could. i put that down to the light in combination with my other tactics. all that said….lost 2 chooks recently during the day with my dogs home but i was sitting at the computer with no music on or anything and the chooks were wandering too far and presenting themselves on a plate. no matter what you do the foxes are just off watching and checking for a hole in your arsenal EVERY day. Now i’ve tightened up the chooks ability to wander off so far and the battle continues. Also you need a Llama not an alpaca if you go that way.

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