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Fox, Dog or Hawk????? Who took my chooks??

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    Lady Bee

    Gidday, Bumhug. :wave:


    Lady B wrote:

    Yes, I know, but having seen Keri’s back yard, I can’t imagine a Goanna being there.

    Like I said fires and heat (inc heatwaves) can make animals do a lot of things they do not normally do including inhabit an area they wouldn’t usually.

    Rather than being argumentative I am offering another culprit…yet as before my opinion means nothing I see.

    No idea why I bloody well bother….


    Howdy Lady B 😀


    Hi all

    Had one of those days today where you have to go out but you really don’t want to. I just wanted to stay home with the chooks!!

    I kept them in the Orchard run and checked them as soon as I got home. It was a very long walk down there as I had myself convinced that we would have lost more, but thank goodness they are all OK.

    I have noticed that the neighbours may have locked up their dog as it has been barking non stop since yesterday afternoon. Our dogs did that when we had them contained. I’m wondering if it wandered home with pearl in it’s mouth. They are two doors up so we can’t look over the fence and see. We share a common boundary at the paddock as they own the two properties but rent the house between us out and use the back for their horse.

    I really am thinking dog as there were feathers everywhere. They did go from the hen house to the end of the paddock, but they zigzagged all over the place. I think Pearl put up a good fight.

    Cam and I talked when he got home from work and we have decided that we won’t contact the neighbours. They know that their dog gets out all the time. Instead we will just wait for the next time we catch it here, contain it and call the Ranger and he can deal with them.

    SLJ, I haven’t seen goannas here but they could well be. We have bush not far behind us and our other neighbours have plenty of water around. Just as a coincidence, they lost all but one of their chooks a while ago. The lone remaining chook is a miserable looking old thing, but she’s been left alone by whatever it was. They never caught the culprit either.

    Oh well, we just have to take it one day at a time I guess. I can’t be here all the time and we have them secured as well as we can for now. I’ll just enjoy them for as long as I have them.


    Our neighbour’s pup jumped the fence one day and attacked our free range chooks. Thankfully we were home at the time and managed to stop it before it killed the poor girl. I was heavily pregnant at the time and ran out to grab the dog despite my DH’s protests. The pup was just playing – didn’t like its own concrete jungle. Thankfully the chook was ok, but there were feathers everywhere! The pup was grabbing the chook, letting it go, then pouncing again, just like a ‘cat & mouse’ game. I’m so sorry to hear about your girls. Hopefully the culprit doesn’t make a habit of it.


    I have seen many, many foxes in broad daylight, in the middle of the day even on hot days. Feral cats however seem to be much more shy. I would suspect the feral cats if this had happened at night.

    Interesting about the trail of feathers and the goanna theory. When we fed the goannas at uni they would sieze a (already dead) chicken we fed them and thrash and thrash their heads from side to side to “kill” it. Perhaps that’s why the trail of feathers and the partly eaten one?

    Poor Morriske :hug: Poor chooks :hug: Mucho sympathy!

    Edited for atrocious spelling. Is that how you spell “atrocious”?

    Bubba Louie

    Foxes will definately take hens in broad daylight. Even when people are around.


    foxes are certainly not shy and retiring creatures I have to say. I was standing outside Victoria Station in the middle of the rush hour when a fox calmly trotted through the milling throngs, across the several lanes of bus parking area, and into the station building through the main entrance – it did not seem even vaguely distressed by its surroundings – it knew where it was going and was quite happy to go there .

    Lady Bee

    hillbilly girl wrote:

    Victoria Station ,,,,,,,,,,,(snip)… knew where it was going and was quite happy to go there .

    I wonder what train it caught…. 😆


    …and where would it keep its ticket and its change? Maybe they have pockets in their little fur trousers…

    My sister had the experience of watching her rooster as it was taken by a fox in the early afternoon while she was there hanging out the washing! Bold little buggers…


    Foxes here are the culprits on the adelaide plains for taking chooks. Neighbours have lost theirs twice now to foxes. I have to remember to keep locking our girls up at night to make sure they are safe. They are bold little buggers aldrum and will just help themselves when they want a feed.


    I still vote for the neighbour’s dog :tup: Especially since now, all of a sudden and coincidentally, it’s been tied up 😉

    LOL at the fox with his ticket in his furry trousers 😆


    Yep I agree Tully.. I know the neighbor and the dog..

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