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    I’m working on my book today and want to include a list of FV jar sizes. Can someone help me with this?

    # 10 ?

    # 14 or 350 mls

    # 20 or 600 mls

    # 27 or 800 mls

    # 28 or 600 mls

    # 31 or 1000 mls

    # 36 or 1250 or is it 1150mls??

    # 65 ?

    Can you check my list and fill in the blanks please? 😀


    Hi Rhonda,

    # 3 or ??? ***

    # 10 or 200 mls

    # 36 or 1100 mls

    # 40 or 1300 mls

    # 42 or 950 mls

    # 65 or 2000 mls

    ***don’t have any of these – they’re baby food size and about 1/2 the size of the # 10 – my old book decribes them as 4 oz and the # 10 as 1/2 lb, so I’d say they’re not fluid oz but mass it’s referring to.

    Maybe also include the ring, lid and clip sizes required for each one. # 28’s a pain (I have 4 which I bought new from Mitre 10) because although they take a 4″ ring, they take a 4.5″ lid and clip of which I’ve never been able to find.

    I also have a few of Fowlers’ 1 pint juice bottles.

    Judi BJudi B

    I have the #28 Pudding jars the clips which I got the hardware to order in for me, have you asked them to get them in for you otherwise contact Vacola and get them direct, I did it with the #10 rings and lids also the 1 pint juice rings.


    Thanks Judy B! I’ll do that. :tup:


    From the ‘Australian Preserving with Fowlers Vacola’ book they list the following jars and respective capacities:

    No. 10 – 250 mL

    No. 14 – 400 mL

    No. 20 – 600 mL

    No. 27 – 900 mL

    No. 28 – 600 mL

    No. 31 – 850 mL

    No. 36 – 1250 mL

    No. 65 – 2200 mL

    Fruit Juice bottle – 600 ml

    I also have a couple of older FV booklets and they list some of the older jar sizes but like Tam mentioned they seem to quote weights in pounds & ounces


    Many thanks, Judi, Tam and Nugget. Much appreciated. :tup:


    I measured mine by filling them up with water then measuring the water. Seems there’s a bit of a discrepancy between what FV state and the actual capacity. Maybe they measure to the brim. I just measured to the bottom of the brim (about 1cm from the top). I also forgot to list that my # 10 measured 200 mls. I’ve edited my list to include this.


    Thanks for the info on Vacolla bottles I only have 3 sizes that take 3″ and 4″ rubber rings My local IGA guy tried to get me other sizes but was told they didn’t make them anymore. My mum had all sizes for small and large fruit and veggies. I’ll try Bake and brew here in SA maybe they can help


    thanks Tam :hug:


    Anyone know what the lid, ring, and clip sizes are for:




    Edited to add: its ok I’ve worked it out, just for the record

    270 = same jar diameter as 27 so size 3 clip, lid and ring

    73 = ” ” 36 so size 4 “

    74 = ” ” 36 so size 4 “


    ^^^magic mushies ?? or just a bit of fairy dust?:tongue::lol:


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    This thread is nearly 5 years old, so I get the prize for best revival of the decade…

    Anyhow, a few posts back it is stated that the number 73 bottle takes a 4″ lid, actualy it takes a 3 and a half inch lid, which seems to be obsolete, have searched online too.

    Wondering if anyone has some to spare or swap or whatever?

    cheers, bushy


    Bushy, I just found this old post in a google search after I sorted all my vacola stuff out this morning. I think I have a few lids to spare ( stainless) , but what about clips and rings, where the heck to get them from?

    And at the same time I am chasing 4 1/4 inch top bits. Rings/clips/lids.


    ooooo…excellant, I think I need 8, will get back to you.

    The 3 and halfs are like the 4 and one quarters… longer made.

    I am certan the 4″ ring will fit and I’m hoping the 3″ ring will do mine.

    Also hoping the 3″ clip will spread that far…. havent tested that theory yet, but the 4″ clip should be ok on yours.

    Will be on the lookout for some four and a quarter lids for you barefoot.

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