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food plants for a greenhouse

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    Hi Everyone,

    So I am thinking about maybe enclosing my back patio more and turning it into a bit of a greenhouse. That way I could try growing things like tomatoes all year round (or at least get an earlier crop).

    The area already has a roof and concrete floor and half brick walls so I though I would try and pick up some bistro blinds on ebay or somewhere to enclose the rest of it.

    As well as growing some vegies I thought I would also put some fruit in (in pots obviously) and I was wondering if people had some suggestions of some of the more tropical style fruits that would benefit from these greenhouse type conditions. I thought of trying some pineapple and a mango, but not sure what else. Is it possible to grow bananas in a large pot? Maybe some of the melons? I’ve tried growing them outside but the season just isn’t long enough. Maybe if I tried them under cover I could get fruit?

    I’d love to hear suggestions of friut or veg I could try.




    We are growing bananas successfully so far in pots, however they are outside in the open. Also have mango’s in pots too, doing well.

    jeanette kirkJeanie

    Im building a large shadehouse tunnel to try and combat birds,locust,frost etc and using a white shadecloth used in orchards I bought it from Green Harvest it comes in 5m x 2.7 m rolls so I bought two there will be no problem growing veges will put up pictures when finished its a slow process in this household:whistle:


    Pineapples should grow well in a pot although they will take a while to fruit. I buy a fruit with the top on it from the shops and then chop the top of, take off the bottom few leaves and let it dry out for a day or 2. Then stick it in the ground or in your case a pot. As long as it gets warmth it should do just fine. We have just replanted ours in a grove under the bananas but they have been under a very neglected homemade glasshouse made out of old windows over summer while we put in new vege beds and without absolutely any supplemented water and only what they have sucked out of the ground they survived beautifully :shrug: . I can only imagine in a warm spot in a pot they will thrive.


    Capsicum works well in a pot too and in a greenhouse will be more of a perennial than annual.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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