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    anyone have a food forest/guild happening in their part of the world??
    currently setting them up here,
    I have apple trees, citrus, and stone fruit, I’m currently working on the apple trees at present, with planting garlic chives, yarrow, comfrey and globe artichokes,
    when they are more established, (have only been in a couple of months, so stil very new) I’ll be planting spring bulbs as well


    What climate zone and what trees do you have ?


    we are a climate all our very own lol   judi B will confirm lol – but the winters have changed since I came here though, not as fierce – which is kind of unfortunate really, I like definite seasons
    apple, finger limes, stone fruit, am planting yarrow, comfrey, dill, globe artichokes and garlic chives around for the first round,
    was just wondering if anyone wanted to share theirs, I like seeing others gardens and progress reports etc,  – I don’t word things very well do I 🙂
    in a couple of years when they are established, I’ll be planting spring bulbs as well
    have edited my first post, hopefully a bit more articulate 🙂


    Years ago there was some posts on “food forests” it might be worth seeing if they are still on ALS since the big “melt down”


    oh of course thanks Ballamara, didn’t think of searching,
    could tag on the end of that one if I find any
    just transplanted some yarrow, confrey and garlic chives in one of mine


    Do you try and incorporate nitrogen fixers,dynamic accumulaters and insect attractors.


    trying to, want a mix around them, living mulches and all that, but a good beneficial mix


    It gets so dry here i struggle maintaining moisture for nearly 6 month of the year.
    I seasonally plant legumes soy, mung, cow peas and I get swathes of pinto peanuts coming up in areas
    I have inter planted pigeon pea and have lots of acacias
    I have lavender and rosemary and need to take more cuttings to spread those around the under stories
    Thai basil grows very easily and the bees love it Im sure other insects do to.
    Its supposed to be good as a fruit fly deterrent too (i think the perfume masks fruit smell ???)
    I struggle with lemon grass and comfrey to dry but I have had luck with sorrel .
    I have pineapples and dogs bane under my citrus mainly to deter brush turkey and provide mulch dogs bane is supposed to be a good companion for citrus and other fruit trees also an insect repellent.
    So hopefully keeps the mossies and flies away too
    When it gets to big whack it with the whipper snipper and leave it as mulch
    I need to propagate more time and oregano and sage around the garden and have it self seed and take over
    Allysum is a good insect attractor too I have that all through my veggy beds along with peanuts and sage thyme oregano and garlic chives.


    thanks for that about dogs bane, have heard of it, but will look into it further
    got loads of comfrey here – also just planted heap of rosemary seed, so hope they take off,
    got pidgeon pea in as well

    Judi B

    callie Dogs Bane is frost tender so if you do try and grow it just before Winter take some cuttings and grow in a greenhouse or even indoors.


    oohhh thanks – hadn’t googled
    these are all going down that side fence, near little gate, so heaps of different herbs and things and perennial veg as well
    might shift the midgen berry to there as well


    Midgen is a good lower story  plant you will get lots of little birds and great fruit if theres any left

    I also have jicama rambling through and sweet potatoes
    We also get native passionfruit and grapes around here,I just let them go
    Theres billy goat weed I let that go too, dont let it spread every where, but dont try and control it heaps .
    Its a very good insect repellent dangerous to grazing animals and an environmental weed in places (its probably to dry for it to go to mad here)
    I have aloe here and there and birds eye chilis are  a good sub story here
    Birds love them, we had 2 wild peacocks clean the whole bush of about 3 big bushes
    Bishops caps grow well as under story too,Im also planting out some chiltepins this year (they look beautiful and Im sure birds will eat them (me too)
    I also have lab lab in places as ground cover I whack when it gets too big.
    Paw paws self seed and are pretty hardy here too as part of the forest
    Ive got the nest one ever in the raised garden beds I wish wasnt there but its staying until I can spread some seeds around at least.
    I havent had much luck with pumpkins  but have planted a few and let them go as ground cover to limited success (too dry)
    I did ok with West Indian Gherkin, hopefully it will re-sprout again when the rains kick in


    West Indian Gherkin, and cow peas and nastusiums are good for nematodes


    got loads of aloe vera, got sweet potato vine appeared near the apple trees,so I’ll let that one ramble around the place, will get another couple of globe artichokes, to put in the circle,
    had pumpkins last year but that’s where the snake was lol – haven’t planted any this year,
    there will be flowers going in as well, just haven’t got that far yet


    I look after the neighbours and he covers everything in pumpkins it looks like snake city to me I just dont go through it unless im desperate for something.
    Ive had a few nasty snakes here so try and keep the rambling a little contained a bit back from the paths.

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