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Food bills that take away our right to give away food (and water)?

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    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Hi All,

    I’ve been busy and so not on these forums for the past month or so, but I’ve come across some info in recent days that I wanted to check the thoughts of other good people in the world. The current issue is one about legislation in New Zealand. NZ Food Bill 160-2

    NZ is looking like passing a new food bill. Commentators are saying it takes away our rights to even give a neighbour food or water unless it is authorised by the responsible authority. Further, it apparently gives the authority the right to enter premises without warrant and destroy property using force. One example of commentary. Google for further perspectives.

    My reading of the bill seems to come down to the definition of ‘manufacturer’, but if all food is deemed a ‘product’ it could be argued that home gardeners are manufacturers of fresh fruit and veg, thereby falling under the law and subejct to be abused by these powers. I’m involved in a produce swap that meets at a local business, not a house, so it could be construed as a business activity. But we’re in Australia, and this is a New Zealand bill…

    The Bill is to be legislated in order to fall in line with Codex Alimentarius (translated to ‘the book of food’) which is an international agreement, driven by the World Health Organisation and US Agribusiness. I have heard (but not actually read) that America has already implemented the same sort of bill. The Codex Alimentrius website boasts that 99% of countries are signatories to Codex. Australia is one of course. So it will only be a matter of time before our Government tries to sneak in this commitment in order to comply with the international (voluntary) obligation. Codex Alimentarius Website. THEN WE WILL BE AFFECTED!

    I don’t have a TV reception at home, and don’t listen to the radio. Those that do, are you hearing anything about this in the news? Can you tell me what you’re hearing etc.?

    What are the thoughts of you good folks on this issue?

    Happy gardening!

    ~Forest Raven

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Cool, thanks, I did search but didn’t find anything. I’ll now catch up using those links!


    I’ve seen nothing on the news… I wouldn’t have even known about it except for als… It is one big scarey bill… Too many Monsanto Ex employees infiltrating into all parts of gov and in all countries me thinks (paranoid, I know)… :jawdrop:

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    Perhaps they would just like you to dismiss your thoughts as paranoid? I’m certainly connecting the dots and scratching my head! I don’t think I’m paranoid!

    sue esue e

    yes it has me worried too FR. I have been keeping an eye out for this in the media but have seen nothing so far.We need to keep our eyes and ears open and maybe get on to our local member. It is really scary stuff


    I got it originally from FB, but no longer on there, so I wont find out unless someone on here does

    lots of good informative pages on FB 🙂

    you can betcha life they wont have it in the general media


    I like the rest of you haven’t heard a word so it can be sneaked through before we have time to let them know we don’t want it in our country.

    My son belongs to another group who are talking about it so the word is slowly getting out. He said he thinks its the supermarkets that are behind it all so we have to buy from them. So he asked his boss and she hadn’t heard of it but said a lot of people she knows grows their own food including her parents. So she is going to ask around and see what she can come up with for us.

    He also called it Big Brother Big Stick mentallity if you don’t do what I want I will beat you over the head till you do.???

    Maybe its time we send an email to ACA or Today Tonight and see what happens about it maybe if enough people send them they might look at what we are saying. :shrug:


    Perhaps a petition through Get Up or Change would help get the word out too.


    You will find that austrralia already has all of this act in place spread across many different acts, as i followed the link and started reading I found many laws that are already in place in australia all of the wine and alchole (splt?) part of the act was introduced when the WET tax was introduced into australia, also australia updated their food handling laws a few years back at the federal level that now has past to every state ie (food lableing and egg sales & food sales from road side stalls) also you reqire a qulifcation now just to serve food (food handlers) and superivsers and owners of food venues require a lic and qualification to sell food (this includes any were that sells hot or per perpared food ie supermarkets) and you will also find the department of health has the power to enter any buisness that they wish to check are compling with this law and have have the right to full access and any they find in breach they close there buisness down these people who do these checks are not empolyeed at fedral level but the goverment has filtered it down to councls (check with councl what the local food act is) I know I am not even alowed to give my eggs away under these laws as I do not have a lic to sell and/or DISTRIBUTE eggs or do I have a reg egg stamp to identifie my eggs. it is just that most councils have yet to fully enact the laws that goven us as they are slowly doing it one at a time.

    The egg thing is to state that if food poising were to occur they would need to trace the eggs back to the source to stop the distubrution of contaminated food and stop it.

    sorry to be the bringer of bad news.


    Scary, isn’t it. 🙁 But, the ‘silver lining’ in this is that a prohibition on home-grown produce will give rise to a ‘black market’ and this will make production of home-grown produce very profitable – just like Cannibas, Heroin, Cocaine and amphetamines. 👿


    Did anyone watch landline on Sunday?

    There was fruit fly story and how back yard trees were the problem.

    Thats how this prohibition starts.


    :wave: Snags. I wonder if that’s the writing on the wall for backyard fruit trees from the gov. Don’t know how they’d control the unregulated growth of them though unless they brought in trees with GM seeds that could not be grown from seed. :S That’s a whole new subject.

    The whole thing is very scary indeed. A lot of the board members of Monsanto are or have been involved in US Gov circles. My line of thinking is that if they are involved in this in some way then Monsanto having control of the food and the govs making rules as to what can or can not be distributed means that, a ‘certain’ area of the world controls the food and hence the population. Just my thoughts though. The years to come could be very interesting indeed to see what plays out.

    I think it is more than important to plant your fruit trees now, start learning to save your own seeds and only buy heirloom from independent companies. What we know and do now will make an enormous amount of difference in the future I think.

    This may be a good website to keep an eye on and subscribe to:


    I just had a look at the web site and saw that Tasmania is voting to bring in the deposit for bottles. We have had it in this state for around 30 years.

    It gives jobs as recycling depots open up to take them. Less junk on the roads. Scouts and schools beifit from them. My sons old school built a gym from collecting the bottles.

    I collect the bottles for my grandchildrens pocket money, :tup:


    The fruit fly thing bothers me as is is only part of the story, the other part is ignored. We have a small orchard that is currently organic. When we moved in the fruit fly were terrible, their numbers are slowly going down as we are slowly getting on top of them through a variety of methods.

    We have vineyards that are around us, many many acres of vineyards. This season the grapes got ruined from too much rain. The vineyard owners have left the fruit to rot on the vine. They stopped their regular spraying regimes as it will not produce them any money. We are currently inundated by fruit fly that are flying over from the vineyards.

    They are large commercial growers, yet from what they are doing the fruit fly will be terrible here for the next few seasons. No amount of lazy backyard growers could compare to this. People forget that the big boys do the same thing, just on a far larger scale.

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