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    I have been having the flu shots for at least a dozen years – probably more, can’t quite remember, ‘cos it’s routine.

    I used to get at least two bad goes of flu a year, which usually developed into bronchitis bad enough to require a couple of doses of antibiotics and a fortnight or so off work.

    Now I get the flu shot.

    Yes, the site can get a little inflamed and be a little sore for a couple of days.

    Yes, I often have ‘the snuffles’ for a couple of days.

    BUT, I haven’t had a bad dose of flu since I started the shots.

    Getting my next one next week – if the chemist has any left. I realise that this one wouldn’t touch the ‘pandemic’ flu, but it might prompt people to remember to get their shots.

    (Not sure I’d have the pneumonia one though – they don’t call pneumonia the old man’s friend for nothing!)


    Are you lot kidding about your flu frequency? :O I’m 31 and I don’t think I have *ever* had the flu. Nor have I ever had a flu vaccine. Infact my last vaccine was at 14 years old from memory. Likewise, DH doesn’t recall ever having the flu and certainly hasn’t had the vaccine (he’s 34). And until I was 28 I was living in cities, far from being away from civilisation. I am plagued with skin probs, and had chest infection after chest infection as a child/young teenager, but I don’t think I have ever had the flu. I cannot believe that people would get it that often. That’s staggering, and worrying…

    Judi BJudi B

    We never understood why DH got chest infections, flu and just about every bug going until recently, he has a genetic disorder that makes him predisposed to getting these things.

    All our married life has revolved around him having the flu and chest and sinus infections, he had it when we married, he missed the births of both our kids. I was lucky I had my Dad then, he came and took me to hospital both times.


    I think a lot of people confuse the “flu” with a cold or chest infections :shrug:


    I agree Jaymie! I quickly learned about what I’ve dubbed the “Aussie flu” ! Any amount of sniffle with a fever or headached gets called the flu here :uhoh: “Cousin’ has special meaning in Australia too… LOL!


    Have to agree with you Depome as ive never had the flu but have had plenty of bad colds and as a kid growing up in the UK Bronchitis every year. I’m sure there are a fair few of you out there who have had Flu but i’m sure a lot still underestimate the common cold, it can feel a whole lot like flu this is’t meant to sound like a “mine’s worse than yours “type of thing:D

    As for being prepared for the worse case senario, i think it’s always wise to do a bit to prepare ahead (which i think most of us already do to some degree).


    I’ve had the flu twice. The first time was about 15 years ago. It was truly awful. Me, dh and kids, all sick at the same time. At least I went down last and everyone had been to the dr. Three kids on the nebuliser, all of us vomiting, it was hell. We had a young lady boarding with us at the time, and she took care of food, washing, everything that I couldn’t think about. We had just moved into a fibro house with no insulation, so we were all passed out in the one room with a heater.:rip:

    The second time was roughly 5 years ago. No-one but me this time. I was at my worst on dd’s 5th birthday, when our (very old) cat died on the front door mat! Our neighbour saved me that time, so as not to upset dd on her birthday.:hug:


    Yes, lots of ppl say they’ve had the flu, when it’s been a bad cold. I’ve had 2 doses of real flu, about 10 yrs ago and again 2 yrs ago. Never been so sick – freezing cold and burning hot, uncontrollable cramping and shivering, blacking out, vomiting, couldn’t eat drink or walk for days. So sick the last time that I considered getting the kids to call an ambulance but I couldn’t stay sensible for long enough to make the decision. When we first moved to town we were sick for about 18 months straight with various viruses, colds and gastros, but they were *nothing* like the real flu!!

    We now get fluvax each year and I’ll keep doing it. I never want to be so sick again. Along with growing and eating our own organic F&V, taking care of our bodies, and being sensible about hygene, fluvax is part of our taking care of ourselves plan.

    There’s lots of people around the world and net now criticising the WHO/Govt preparations for the H1N1 virus, laughing at what they think is an over-reaction, but I’m totally supportive of preparedness.


    about 20 yrs ago there was a flu going around in new zealand people where dying I got it but my son was 21/2 at the time he never got it.. i could see him from my bed but i couldn’t move, he fed himself on cordial and he got the apple corer and sliced himself cheese and ate fruit for a few days…I can laugh now but at the time i was so distressed everytime i lifted my head up i would get dizzy and just about passout….. that was the only time i have ever had a real flu but cough and cold i get those every couple of years… as the children are getting older they get coughs and colds less…cause they will eat raw garlic now.. i think it really helps.. i cook it in everything and cut it into pill size chunks and swish it down with some OJ


    IME some people get flu more often and less severely – it depends on how your own body’s immunity works. I usually get “proper” flu about every seven years when the virus has mutated far enough that the body doesn’t recognise it any more, but I can get a mild dose in between too sometimes. The less often you have it, the sicker you’ll probably get with it. (Warning to all you “I’m so healthy I hardly ever get flu” people!) Certainly you can have flu that isn’t at the “OMG I’m going to die” level. A bad cold can feel worse than a mild flu.

    For those of you who aren’t sure:

    Symptoms of both cold and flu:

    Sore throat


    Runny nose



    Aching muscles


    Symptoms common with colds but less common with flu:

    Wet cough

    Sinus congestion, yellow/green mucous

    Sinus headache – centred at front of head, eyes or ears, can make top teeth ache, feels worse if head is tipped forward (can be very bad if you have small nasal passages)

    Watery eyes

    Sometimes diarrhoea but generally only coming on later if lots of mucous has been swallowed

    Symptoms common with flu but less common with colds:

    Very high fever

    Dry cough (especially early on – get a Dr if you’ve had flu and the dry cough turns wet)

    Muscle aches so bad you can’t get out of bed

    Dizzy/faint if you try to get up

    Headache coming from neck and back or through the whole head

    Loss of appetite

    Nausea, possible vomiting

    Possible diarrhoea, especially early on, usually mild


    When my doctor says I’ve got flu, I tend to believe I’ve got flu.:shrug:

    Snowy OwlSnowy Owl

    I’ve had real ‘flu just three times….enough to encourage me to have the Fluvax each year. It has never made me ill. The one time it didn’t work was the time I unknowingly hugged a friend who was brewing ‘flu; the Fluvax hadn’t had time to work.

Viewing 12 posts - 46 through 57 (of 57 total)
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