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Flooded backyard

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    Oh gosh.

    I just stepped outside and discovered my ducks swimming. In the poultry cage.

    I had mistakenly turned my tap to full blast instead of off after my morning chores and some time during the day the pressure built up and blew the trigger off the hose. I have no idea how fast it was going, perhaps 600L an hour, for up to 5 hours? What a waste.

    Luckily the house behind me has a huge expanse of lawn and shouldn’t have any damage, but the back third of my property, including the chicken/duck coop is now a swamp. Is there anything I need to do, other than just waiting for the Adelaide sunshine to dry it all up again?

    Sigh. Maybe I should plant rice.


    hope you’re not on tank water


    No, mains water, but is still a terrible waste 🙁

    I’m a bit worried about the chickens, the ducks don’t mind at all. Luckily the chickens all sleep in a plastic box (they never got used to the idea of roosting for some reason) and the box is dry even though the rest of the coop is wet. It’s a metal cage so no mould luckily.


    Whoops! At least a plastic box might float! I have heard of folk putting down straw for their chooks in muddy situations but as long as they are not wet and cold themselves I would think they should be ok.Is it warming up down there yet?

    I hope your water bill won’t be too blown out as well……….. 🙁


    It rained heavily the day after my flood lol, but it’s been getting fairly warm. Even had a few tomato seeds sprout, although they were pulled out by blackbirds. Never mind.

    The chickens seem fine, the water drained faster than I expected, but tomorrow I’m getting fresh sawdust. I couldn’t today because of the public holiday.


    Hi Miaowzen, glad your place is drying out! That’s a mistake I’ve made in the past, and it’s not very nice to find your yard underwater!

    Where do you get your sawdust from? I’m looking to get some for a couple of edge bits on my verge garden. Ta!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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