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    As a fairly regular watcher of federal politics my belief is that the Gillard Government will go down in history as one of Australia’s greatest. You would not know it from recent performances but history will give Julia, Wayne, Penny (& Kev) et al a big slap on the back over the coming years.

    Whilst politics & media coverage has crucified decent leadership my forecast is that the Gillard Government will win the next election and form majority government with the Greens holding the balance of power in the Senate for quite some time.

    The Government is getting a caning at the moment and there/our debt situation is a problem. However, this should be rectified by an improving economy, new taxes and hopefully a broad super profits tax on wealthy individuals and business’. I just hope that the environment can survive.

    What do you think and how can the Government improve Australia?


    Australias debt as a percentage of GDP is 20.52%. Our debt is extremely low compared with most other developed economies.

    Compare that to Germany is 83.96%, France 82.33%, Greece 142.76%, USA 94.36%, UK 75.50%. these are 2010 figures.

    From Wickepidia “list of countries by public debt”.



    I know it it ‘uncool’ to say it but I am also admiring of this government under (Julia as well as Kevin). It came in during an awful time for governments, had the guts to try different things like smoke packets, gambling reform, mining tax, pokies, insulation etc. Ok, some of the big policies didn’t pan out but would the others have tried?

    The other side couldn’t have done any better. I really don’t care about which party runs the country (well if the Libs had another leader that is. Tony gives me the shivers), I believe they are just the same over all but there are things to admire about current leadership.


    Dayla, Australias Government debt is comparitively low but in four years we have gone from Billions in the nations bank to 100s of Billions in debt. Whilst jobs have been saved (big tick) to much has been wasted and thats a disgrace.

    Love him or hate him Costello not only balanced the books but paid off Keatings $96 Billion debt and left Labor a fiscal cushion that they have turned into a heavy anvil around the countries collective ankle. Our debt should be half what it is and any comparisons are a nonsense ( :)) as our starting position was so much better.

    In mho our best leader would be Turnbull with Penny Wong as treasurer and Abbott & Robb well away from the levers of power allowing KRudd to get over his giant political atomic wedgie. Of course that cant happen.

    Donkeynomad, yep I admire a lot of what the Gillard gov is doing. I object to the waste but admire her guts, intelligence and vision -pity about the voice but thats not her fault. The cost of the NBN concerns me as does there flim flamming over the mining tax but they are better than the Abbott led opposition.

    How either party can even consider a real budget surplus next year is beyond me and paying off what will be a $300 Billion government debt come 2014 will be a real challenge especially with the world economy a bit tragic and our private debt so high.


    Don’t worry about all that stuff! 😉

    Just buy Apple shares! :tup:

    Follow this thread post & back till I started posting …To the start… Do the maths. It adds up! :tup:

    I keep, Just say’n. 🙂


    How is that forecast looking now :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: I think that the labor-greens alliance is a disgrace and the worst government this nation has ever had. My forecast is that the labor government will go down in flames in the coming weeks. If they change to krud as leader he will send it straight to the polls where they will hopefully be relegated to the footnote of history that they deserve to be.


    Isn’t it nice to have a diversity of interests and opinions. :tup:

    My opinion is that Julia Gillard is the only person capable of keeping the Government running under the incredibly difficult conditions current. I think if the Liberal Party had won the last election there would have had to have been a double dissolution of Parliament because I don’t believe any one in the Liberal Party at the moment has the ability to lead under the unusual and difficult conditions.

    Julia Gillard has been able to broker deals with the Greens and the Independants which I don’t believe either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott could have done.

    I don’t agree with all her politics eg the nuclear energy situation for one. The hoo haa about telling lies has me rolling about the floor laughing. In my opinion ALL Prime Ministers lie about various policies.

    Should they, probably not. But then I have never been in a situation where the National Security is at stake, or where assurances have been made during political deals that certain information will remain private until a certain time etc etc etc Or when a promise made to the Australian people has to have been broken because politically or fiscally it has become impossible to follow through.

    I find the Leader of the Opposition a huge embarrassment. There have been great Prime Ministers and Premiers in the past but few great any ones in the present. That too I find an embarrassment. I believe a precious few honest and good (in the true meaning of the word good) politicians have raised their heads in the Parliament but they have had neither the guidance nor the political no-how to survive. Great shame that.

    I don’t believe Kevin Rudd should be Prime Minister for reasons I won’t mention here, because I am not sure how much or what we can against a person even if they are in the political arena, although he seemed to me to be doing a very good job as Foreign Minister.

    I think Julia Gillard has the potential to be one of Australia’s great Prime Ministers if she can win on Monday.

    I just wish she would be herself, how embarrassing was it when she turned up in twinset and pearls. For goodness sake Prime Minister be yourself and tell those silly old men who advise you to button their lips and let you get on with the job in your own way.

    And don’t keep repeating certain words as if they were a slogan. Repeat once, yes, fine, it makes a point, keep on repeating and you make a fool of yourself, in my opinion.


    Addendum: I may well have made mistakes eg. about a double dissolution, just put the correct words in yourselves. Ignore grammar, syntax and spelling if you please.



    How do you tell when a Pollie is lying??????? Their mouth is open LOL


    I was a labor voter till the last election and I wont be voting labor while Julia is in charge

    Ideally, they would have voted Krudd back in, then the liberals would have had to think about who to put up against him, and we may then have got a better choice

    I know that we shouldnt really vote on the person, we should vote on the party but a lot of people do

    How many woman out there voted labor just because it was a chance to have a woman pm?

    How many black people voted Obama in because he was black?

    All I know is, families and singles are doing it very very tough at the moment and its only going to get worse


    I reckon Labor is doomed at the next election, as what they really stand for is a thing of the past! The next rise will be the rise of Green, the environment will be a huge politically football in the not too distant future!

    For the record I’ve voted Lib and Labor federally!


    Under Gillard Labor has done some really good things. However they have done some shocking things that of course the media pounce on like the rabid Hyenas they are and totally skew the image of the government. Until Labor gets its constructive message out that they have done good things and whilst there is virtually no scrutiny of Abbott and his policies Gillard will languish in the poles.

    Between november this year and march 2013 will be make or break for the Government but if Abbott is still coalition leader the Gillard Government will win next years election imho.

    Gillard needs to be her assertive self and start calling a spade a spade not the convoluted nonsense her poll driven spin doctors advise her to verbage.

    The big mill stone around her neck, and the nations neck, is debt. How Wayne Swan as treasurer has gone from having $96,000,000,000 in the national bank to over $200,000,000,000 in debt in so little time staggers me. If anything will allow Abbott to ascend to the Prime Ministership its another Labor Debt. This will be Abbotts mantra in the second half of next year and how the Government tackles this will be interesting.

    Hopefully Turnbull will challenge Abbott as the Coalition leader and win next years election. It will of course be a rather poisoned challis as our debt problem hits the fan, stagflation raises its ugly head along with rising interest rates but at least a falling dollar.


    Wouldnt vote for Abbott if he was the only person running- he gives me the creeps. I REALLY object to his little crusade against RU486.

    Do you really think that our current economic woes (on a household level) are due to who is in government or was it just going to happen anyway? After years of rampant consumerism and waste and taking it for granted we are feeling the pinch now. To be honest I think in some ways it is a good thing.


    Here Here Girl Friday!!!!!!


    I don’t like Pollies full stop they are in it for themsleves.

    my sons teacher in Tas was Christine Milnes husband so we met them when the greens were just starting out so we also met Bob Brown and I liked him at the time as he had some really great ideas.

    A web site in SA has been asking poeple what people thought of single mums having babies after they are on a pension, I know of several down here when they pension is due to stop they get pregant to stay on it. So it teaches children that they don’t need to work, Be interested in other views


    Five year forecast:


    [li]The media, dominated by ultra-right-wing owners such as Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, will continue to sledge Labor and the Greens.[/li]

    [li]The media, dominated by ultra-right-wing owners such as Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, will continue to attack the evidence of global warming.[/li]

    [li]Confronted by advertising budgets they cannot match and a slanted media, the centre-right (Labor) and left (Greens) will lose the next election, but the Labor / Greens alliance in the Senate will be able to block the more outrageous legislation proposed by Tony (“Climate change is crap”) Abbott.[/li]

    [li]Tony Abbott will attempt to force a double dissolution over the Emissions Trading Scheme. If he does, he might get slapped by a backlash from voters who saw Julia govern under difficult circumstances and who expect Tony to do the same: we don’t take kindly to people who try to pervert the democratic process our forebears fought to provide for us.[/li]

    [li]By the time all this has played out, the ETS will be up and running, with more foreign governments moving in the same direction. The revenue stream this provides to our government will be irresistable, even to Tony, and will not be significantly altered. The world will not come to an end and people will carry on living as normal, just as they did with Howard’s GST.[/li]

    [li]Big Business will buy increasing influence in Big Media, here and overseas. In the States, they have the Murdoch-owned Fox News on TV and it is reported to be so slanted that there is a t-shirt with the slogan “Is that the truth, or is your News Limited?”. Here in Oz, Murdoch dominates the main-stream media. Gina Rinehart has a large slice of Channel 10, which may be why Andrew Bolt now has a Sunday TV show. Lord Monckton has suggested a few right-leaning wealthy individuals and companies pool their resources and start a Fox News channel over here. I can hardly wait. Not.[/li]

    [li]Greece will default on some, or all, of its debt. This will cause a cascade of financial crises for exposed banks, with Global Financial Crisis MkII a distinct possibility.[/li]

    [li]Increasing economic austerity in Europe will depress China’s export market, resulting in reduced demand for Australian ore and coal. This will slow our economy and reduce government revenues, exposing us to more of the world’s economic pain.[/li]

    [li]The USA will hit a debt ceiling so ridiculously high that even Blind Freddy will be able to see that they can never pay it back. China, which owns a significant slice of that debt, will not be pleased.[/li]

    [li]Israel will threaten to attack Iranian nuclear sites. Gawd help all of us if some idiot pushes the ‘war’ button in the Middle East.[/li]

    [li]Santa will have to relocate to the South Pole, as the North Pole will be melting so fast. Carbon-emitting industies will be off his Christmas card list this year.[/li]


    Of course, I have been known to be wrong .

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