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Finding kitchen builder using recycled materials

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    14 months on from moving to our mudbrick lifestyle change we are ready to start looking at putting a kitchen in but would like to find someone that can build one from recycled materials- does not have to be completely built in and can be largely freestanding (as there is only a sink and a woodstove in at the moment). Any suggestions on where to start looking. I am in the Central Goldfields region(Hepburn Shire)of Victoria.As much as my hubby would love to have a go at doing it he is only home one day a week with limited time to get everything else around the property done.:shrug: Any guidance and suggestions would be greatly appreciated




    Jilsta, I pondered this many moons ago as I disliked the idea of some flatpack kitchen shipped from miles away made from who knows what. If your not to fussy about super smooth surfaces & exact angles I suggest you give it a go. You may have to buy draws but everything else is straight forward if you have patience.

    For the bench top and shelves I used tongue and groove Tassie Oak from a wreckers yard. It was from an old floor and whilst a bit rough it joined together really well and skew nailed to cleats underneath. For the frame I used KDHD (kilned dried hard wood) as I needed that to be as true as possible. The result was pretty good but it meant that I had no cupboard doors or draws for awhile but as it was hidden slightly by an island bench it was no real hassle.

    I am currently building a little garden shed largely from recycled materials that includes a long kitchen like bench so I will post some photos when I get to that stage.

    You may not have time to build one but I am sure if you had a close look at how they are made you could nut it out yourself.

    knitting beeknitting bee

    I am building a solar passive home in Southern Tasmania and I was lucky to find a kitchen maker who uses new and recycled timber. So they are out there.


    Depends on your budget and what materials you have access to but Druce Davey at Greener Kitchens and Bathrooms ( does apparently build in reclaimed timber (exxy!) and plantation timbers including ply and timber laminates and other compound woods that utilise waste product. They are getting a rather high profile now and may snub a small job (they snubbed mine) however they may be well-connected and able to recommend someone in your part of the world. Good luck!

    Forest RavenForest Raven

    I know our local “Handy Andy” would be up for the job, perhaps there’s one of those in your neck of the woods. You’ll have to decide if you’re then finding the recycled bits to add in and he has to work out how to put them all together, or whether he has artistic licence. Perhaps put some notices up for expressions of interest on likely noticeboards and/or newspapers. Surely there’s some people who’ve done it for themselves, who would like to do it again. Do ask to look at their work before agreeing though!


    Thanks all for your suggestions. ‘Greener Kitchens’ looks a little out of our league financially so will continue to look at options. Have asked a couple of tradies about the kitchen and they seem very uninterested so may be a matter of finding a tradie interested in sustainability and recycling to do the job. Kitchen is workable at the moment just my hubby wants to see ‘a proper’ kitchen installed. So will continue the search to find someone who would like to do it as a project perhaps.



    How have you gone with your kitchen?

    Just stumbled across your thread and wondered if you had considered a 2nd hand kitchen?

    It may not be exactly what you mean by recycled materials but is is a form of recycling..

    We looked at them a while back but never did get around to putting a new kitchen in the old houseā€¦ There are a few specific sites to find them (eg , just google or the usual classified sites, ebay, gumtree etc.

    I found some good ones at the time, hardwood if thats what you are after. Some very reasonably priced and may include appliances and the kitchen sink too.

    One piece of advice I read along the way was that while it may be hard to find one to fit your kitchen exactly, if you buy one that is bigger you can usually reconfigure it to fit your space.

    Good Luck!


    Thanks for the link and the advise Jayne.

    Still havent done anything about the kitchen yet. Seem to have so much to do around the place and still managaging without a fitted kitchen at the moment but definately need to get something done soon. Biggest issue with a second hand kitchen is finding someone to install it :laugh:


    BTW Porgey – how is your project going, do you have any photos yet to post

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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