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Fertile Eggs For Sale??? Townsville.

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    Hi, does anyone around Townsville have any fertile eggs they want to sell? I currently have 3 (yes, that’s right, 3 hens, who are sitting, must be contagious). One has been sitting for over 2 weeks now so she is almost over it. However the other 2 have only started sitting, so I was wondering if perhaps I should get them something to sit on:)

    So please PM me if you have any, doesn’t matter what, however my husband would like some Australorps (haha).

    Cheers Jennie


    Roundthebend may have some Sussex eggs or even duck eggs 😀


    Roundthebend was kind enough to give us Sussex eggs last time. My friend has 2 and we have the other 2, sadly I am sure I heard one crowing the other day :noapprove: They are 5 mths old now and no action, no eggs, so I am assuming they are both roosters but just very slow to do anything 😆


    Most of my sussex dont start laying till 22 to 24 weeks and roosters would be preety obvious by 5 months…..bright red comb and wattles, long curved tail feathers:shrug:………….do they both look the same?

    Cant think of anyone around here with australorps………….try putting up a notice at the produce store for fertile eggs(breeds):tup:


    Jenny, we always have the RIR eggs if you want any


    Think the ones my friend has are both hen, they don’t have very big wattles at all. My 2 are larger in size and yes the wattles are larger (but not huge), however their tail feathers aren’t massive. 😐 Apart from that little crow the other morning, there has been no other noises. When we had the rhode island reds and silkie roosters they started crowing really early, at about 12 weeks. This is why these guys are so confusing.

    Jaymie, you have changed your name, gosh it has been awhile since i’ve been on here. yeah might have to get some rhodeys off you. We ended up with a beatiful rooster from the last lot we got off you, he was too lovely to eat. However being in town, couldn’t keep him forever. Did mate him with our layer hens though and the eggs went into an incubator at the Prep class. Was all very exciting until hatching time, nothing happened, turned out the incubator was up a half degree too high and they were mostly developed but died right near the end. Very sad. By this stage I had given away the rooster (appartently he was part New Hampshire?) so we had to source eggs from elsewhere and the kids are starting again. Hopefully this time we will have some success as the kids were very eggsited.


    We have Autralorps and are not too far away. We are filling another order this week but cuold past some next week.


    Hi Gremmbles, I remember you saying you had them one other time I was looking for fertile eggs. Wish my hubby was heading up your way.

    Do they post okay, I was a bit concerned about that.


    Lots of people post eggs so I suppose they would be ok. Alternately I could probably put on a bus from Tully. I have no idea what the freigth on a dozen eggs would be. We have had day olds sent to us by buss before all in one piece.


    Fertile posted eggs do hatch o.k given that a few simple rules are followed.

    the eggs are fertile and come from healthy well feed ( breeders rations) chooks that are not moulting.

    The eggs are pakaged properly against both crushing and movement – scrambled, shaken eggs dont hatch well.

    once recieved let any posted eggs rest at room temp for a min of 24 hours before placing them in an incubator or under a hen.

    the hatch rate depends on how pissed the Aussie post employees are that week – but a good hatch rate from fertile posted eggs is 50%. average is about 30% ( hatch rate is better under broodies than the incubator)- but it is a cheap way to get breeds not available in your area.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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