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Fencing contractor in Adelaide Hills?

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    Can anyone recommend a fencing contractor in Adelaide Hills? We are considering fox proof fencing the whole place.


    Waller fencing does a lot of fences around here. He seems to be very good at his work I have no idea what his prices are like

    He lives in Port Eillot you can phone him on 0418812030


    BV, I am interested if you find someone and rough costs if you don’t mind sharing. I am still interested in fox proofing my orchard, which is only 300 sqm.


    Thanks Robyne.


    So, roughly 80m of fencing Kristy? We bought all the stuff for our top yard (just haven’t had time to put it all in & need a dingo with an auger to dig the pole holes) which is 91m around & it cost about $800-$900 in just the poles & wire. Got it all from Balhannah Mitre 10 as they had the best pricing in this area & could deliver the next day. We’re talking about 350m of fencing here now. Yikes!


    Thanks BV, I might give it a measure tonight and see, I did measure once before and I remember it was about 270 sqm, but can’t remember the measurements.

    How are/were you planning on fencing the top yard BV? If I don’t do the whole orchard I will do the area under the gumtree, which isn’t great for growing things. I was thinking of using chicken wire with a roof, maybe steel droppers, with wire around and pegged out with a shade cloth roof…


    I’ll put up some pics in the chook chat thread tonight for you Kristy. We had some memory problems on the computer the last few days so I haven’t been able to but I think DH fixed it last night.


    That will be great BV, I look forward to seeing how you are doing it 🙂 I keep thinking about how I can give the ducks and chickens more space during the day 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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