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    Lady Bee

    I’m fed up.

    I’m fed up with swappers who let their swap buddy down.

    I’m fed up with swappers who won’t answer their PMs chasing them despite them having logged in to ALS.

    If people are running late with their swap, it’s OK, BUT THEY HAVE TO LET ME KNOW!!! Most people do, but there are always a couple who just either can’t be bothered or whatever and I’m fed up with it.

    Then there are the people who sign up for a swap and disappear off into thin air never to be heard from again. Fed up with that, too.

    It’s also not fair that people receive a swap and don’t post that they’ve received it. That’s just plain rude as well as unfair. Do you treat your family and friends the same way? Get a gift sent to you for your birthday and never thank them? If you do, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Someone has gone to some trouble to select or make something for you, package and post it, the least you can do is acknowledge it.

    So, as you can see, I’m totally fed up with it all.


    :hug: I can understand how you feel Lady B. All your fantastic efforts to organise, and see it through to the end I applaud you. :clap: I wish you to feel better for your rant, and I think you have mentioned a few sentiments that many have thought before. I hope the message gets through, and that people become a little more reliable now. :kiss: :clap:


    I completely agree with you Barb. You have to wonder about some people sometimes. The behaviour actually says a lot about the character of these people. Unreliable at best. :p Perhaps people not behaving themselves appropriately should be culled from future swaps? :shrug:


    Being a bit of a novice i guess i can’t comment too much, but… i have really enjoyed the two swaps i have been part of.

    They have been well organised and good fun. yes ok so the last one was a bit of a flop for me as i didn’t get anything from my swap buddy but i still enjoyed hunting for my swap buddies gift and reading all the post of happy swappers.

    I agree with Gianna, can we ban people from future swaps if they are un-reliable? Or maybe limit the swap members to people who have more than a certain amount of posts?


    I’m a novice too, having only been in one swap – which I thoroughly enjoyed and received wonderful gifts from. I too love to see the pics of what everyone has received.

    I didn’t join the last one because I knew I would be pushed for time and didn’t want to disappoint anyone.

    You’ve been doing a great job Barb and wouldn’t blame you if you handed it over to someone else (no sorry I’m not putting my hand up :lol:)

    Don’t know if there is really a solution to the problem :shrug:


    Fair call Barb, I agree with you. :hug:

    I am Sorry that you missing out Neata.:hug:


    BIG :hug::hug::hug: Lady B, Just remember the MAJORITY of those that join the swaps really appreciate your efforts to organise them so dont let a few spoil it for you.


    that’s pretty much typical of the ‘net ‘ladyB’,

    it all comes down to the anonimity that the ‘net guarantees.

    i’ve had people ask to be on a list so i then work out what i have to offer so everyone gets a fair share, and then a number will not come through with the postage so i am then left with seeds that i need to find if others will take. but they absconders never make contact to say they have changed their minds. been lucky that msot ahve acknowledged recieving their seeds, for those who didn’t no skin off my nose.

    happens on free swap sites as well people say they are coming to get the item then never show. worst part there is someone has your address. and as occurs when others give advice the original poster seems to have dropped out of site, there is no idea that they have even read what has been posted.

    it is the mark of our society no regard and no respect for others or realy themselves. no or low self esteem.



    lady b, i know how you feel. i don’t know how to deal with this problem. it’s a bit harsh to name them, but on the other hand, they should be banned from all future swaps (whether they’re one of your big ones or the smaller soap swaps).

    i was let down by someone who posts quite a lot, so you can’t even assume that someone who has a commitment to the forum will not be a prat.

    lady b, you’ve been so generous with your time and you’ve done a fab job coordinating lots of people. thanks. :hug:



    I offered before to help with a swap or two, LadyB. repeating the offer now, sounds like the few lazy ones have given you a case of burnout, so maybe its better to let someone else take the reins for a while until your enthusiasm returns, as it will!

    retires to polish up the whip…


    Name them and shame them I say.

    I too didn’t go in this swap as I had too much on and wasn’t sure I could get it organised in a respectable time.

    The other swaps I have joined have been wonderful. I must have been one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to wait too long.

    Neata I would love to send you something to make up for your MIA swap, please pm me.



    You are appreciated by most you know.

    I’d appreciated the swaps and exchanges I’ve done with various people on here. It has allowed me to get hold of some stuff to try I might not of bothered with otherwise.

    I’m with Michelle-sm I didn’t have time so I didn’t go in this one. I’ve been lucky so far but figure that one day I might get caught. I would suggest however it might be worth sadly some sort of code of practice for swaps. And records available for swap organizers of no-shows so they can be excluded if needed.

    I’m always glad of acknowledgement that swaps have arrived otherwise I don’t know whether they have been lost in the post.


    I’ve been a little late for swaps on a few occasions… but have ALWAYS ALWAYS followed through on my pledge to deliver something. I have always let people know either by sending a PM to the organiser of the swap, or by letting people know on the swap thread. I have always taken great care to choose something that is appropriate and that my SB will enjoy.

    Sometimes life throws us curve balls, like yesterday I got carted off in an ambulance with an acute gall bladder episode, or sometimes people have incredibly dysfunctional families, or they are sexually assaulted or they are parenting small children 24/7 or there are deaths and births of loved ones… or sometimes all of the above… sometimes more.

    I think naming and shaming people is a ridiculous notion… How old are we??

    I agree though, that if a person, who has participated in previous swaps and not come through, then a respectful PM letting them know that they will not be allowed to participate in the next swap is appropriate.

    Having said that, Lady B I thank you for all the hard work and blood, sweat and tears, that you put into organising these swaps. :hug: I fully understand your frustrations when people don’t live up to there part of the bargain and it must be so disappointing when they don’t follow through with their pledge.



    Lady B



    I have done 4 swaps now and have really enjoyed them. I have loved doing the procuring or making and then the anticipation of something in the post box is one of those almost painful pleasures. I have had one swap where the post office (very small local agency) just didnt bother to deliver it and I found it there months later and in the last one I didnt hear if my swap arrived. These things happen and I would hate to see that we abandoned the joy of so many for a few who just dont get it.

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