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    Noode & Suz – me too!! My eldest went off to school this year and everyone said “what will you do with yourself??” Are they for real? Anyway, I still have a 2 y/o at home who is relishing playing with her toys her way!

    I have a few big challenges – the pile of boxes that is my *gulp* paperwork/filing, the boxes in the shed that we never unpacked when we moved in July 07 (that’s right, 07!) – they were from the now non-existent study, hence the first point (boxes) and the back verandah which needs to be be cleared so I can fit in a second hand freezer to help with fortnightly shopping trips…

    Any volunteers??



    got some more boxes from work small enough to me to carry when we move. While going through the big boxes I have been cleaning out. I save all my plastic bags and the clean out stuff for the wild life op shop.

    The boxes are now starting to be all the same size which will keep them tidy and I have written on the boxes what is in them.

    Hubby is another case took 5 days to empty his old garage to move here then 4 months to tidy it all up. Hopefully it won’t happen again.:shrug:


    Ok, we are close to the end of the month – how are we doing? Let’s have the roundup of your achievements……


    today i freecycled 3 large bags of toiletries i have never used /used very little of. my bathroom now only has a few natural products and when they are used up i might try making my own. i realised last night that i was holding onto this stuff for emotional reasons and since i let it go to a good home this arvo, i feel so much better. i didn’t even like the stuff, it was all way too synthetic, perfumed etc and made me feel ill…..

    i also recently took 2 whole car loads of stuff that i cleared out from our small little terrace. i don’t know how we breathed with all this stuff in the house. I did get in trouble from my boyfriend for getting rid of some stuff but i was being truly ruthless. i am just so sick of being surrounded by JUNK!!!


    I’ve freecycled 4 bags of kids clothes, and 2 bags of toys. Their room is pretty clean. AS for the rest of the house :uhoh:


    I only managed to complete my craft area because I thankfully ended up with a new job so am again back out of the house for at least 12hrs a day. Am very happy with what I did though and do have some before and after pics.


    Nice work ladies! Every little bit helps. Of course, you can always toss your knickers!

    Anyone else have a good clear out?


    I was pretty happy with what I achieved but due to a few health problems and then going away for 5 days I never got around to doing my desk. It will get done this month and I will continue to track what comes into the house to make sure I don’t end up with too much stuff again.

    Overall I think my house is alot less cluttered and that has to be a good thing.:tup:


    We have been going through the shed atm… Lots of stuff going everywhere… I am trying not to keep anything that isn’t important to me… These boxes have been there for 4 years + 😮 There is still a ways to go before it is finished though…. 🙁


    After a great start to the month with the clearing out. I then got busy cleaning the mould (is that clearing out) so did not get right thru the house. But made a good inroads.

    How do you get DH to clear out his stuff – not merely rearrange it??:shrug:


    I’m still clearing out… it’s a slow process as I’m wading through 12 years of clutter.

    So far I’ve sorted out cleared 11 bags of clothes, linens and toys for Vinnies.. have finished the kids room, laundry, half the linen cuboard & my bookshelf & wardrobe.

    Still a lot to go but at least I can see that it’s made a difference! 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 61 through 71 (of 71 total)
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