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February Challenge – Clear It Out!

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    I am working on my craft/desk/sewing corner of the lounge room atm. Have set myself 4 projects of different levels for the month but have now worked up to 5 while working today 🙂

    Have been taking photos and blogging it all as well 🙂 Its feeling good to clear out and get organised for a change and its keeping me very occupied while still being unemployed.

    Everyone is doing so well 🙂


    Darls, we used to have a Tender Centre not far from here but it closed down. It was quite an easy way to sell stuff/buy stuff secondhand. I think there is one on the southside of Brisbane…

    My particular challenge for today is to find a home for my ‘home office’. the (paid) work I do at home is expanding and I need to have a desk, but both my spare rooms are now taken by people living in them. 🙁 I think I will try to make a space in DH’s office. There is sure to be some decluttering to be done in there!:lol:


    well i got crazy and gave the op shop so many handmade dolls (dust collectors) i had made over the years also they got heaps of stuff that dgs had outgrown,a lot of things fee has grown out of,i made the 2 oldest kids take all their knitted toys their great aunt gave them,when they were babes,ds complained because he has a dd i said so waht she can use them

    now all i need to do is try and sell 2 of the pups and my cleanout is done for this year

    btw we are trying to sell the pups to get mumma desexed


    we’re finally getting the chance to do the kids room.l both of us are home and the kids are at school 😉 What a pile of stuff!


    Update from me.

    I have decluttered my bathroom and laundry.:tup:

    I have taken the first lot of photos and have listed some stuff on ebay.I have heaps so I am going to list a few things per day.:jawdrop:

    I have also filled a bag for the op shop.


    I think there is one on the southside of Brisbane…

    There is a Tender Centre at Springwood.

    I have finished the bathroom, ensuite and laundry and managed to fill half a bag with stufff I no longer need or use. I think I will give all the bottles of nail polish to my 2 little neices and the rest will have to go in the bin I think.

    My triple linen cupboard is next. Although it is very neat there is an awful lot of stuff in it.

    I am going to get a couple of plastic storage containers to put all my wool and fabric in and maybe recycle some of the not so great towels.

    I’m on a roll.:metal:


    I am in. Hubby and I already did our bedroom, which was the worst, as its down the other end of the house and easily hidden. So that is a weight off of my shoulders and I am sleeping so much better.

    Next will be the kitchen cupboards. I need the kitchen sorted so I can better organize meals ect 🙂


    I have started the boys bedroom, finally. One whole door (of a 3 door cupboard) is for next seasons clothes. Today I sorted that out. Each boy now has the next lots of clothes in marked boxes and I have a huge pile of clothes to give to lifeline and to our neighbour (she has 4 boys) so I hope she won’t mind some hand-me-downs…

    The rest of the cupboard won’t take as long, it is sheets and toys.

    After that will be the produce/ back room. It has all the preserves, stockpiles and my hubbys homebrew in it.

    I am not looking forward to it but it really needs to be done before winter and the mice migration…


    You girls are putting me to shame – so much in fact that I am getting off my butt to do something today!!

    I have already organised a huge garage sale at a friends place (no-one comes out here!) so that’s something I guess.

    The heat hasn’t helped as we don’t have aircon and I loath going into any other room apart from the loungeroom but that is just an excuse, isn’t it!! :shy: It’s not like no-one else is suffering, is it??

    Wish me luck!!


    :clap::tup: to mary doll, you sound like you’re on a great track in 09!!

    I’m up for this too. I’m trying to get more room in the children’s room and so am selling and giving away lots of Tabitha’s clothes, plus Sebastian’s that they’ve both grown out of. What I can’t sell I’m going to give to the charity shop nearby. We also have quite a few toys that we can get rid of – despite not buying them lots of toys they still seem to end up with so many! Lots are hand-me-downs from friends, so it feels good to pass them down the line as well, especially when we paid nothing for them.


    I am so up for this one. Got the in laws coming in March. I feel like a pin ball machine going from baby to toddler and sink… I’ll get there!


    I’m so in, in fact, I already had plans to do this this month. Went through a lot of stuff in November, got rid of boxes and boxes, but now I’m down to the next layer of clutter. And it’s got to go!

    mary dollmary doll

    i have decided to donate all the things i was going to sell to a bushfire /flood appeal. i am sure there must be kids that need toys clothes and blankets.

    this challange could not have come at a better time. today i am feeling truly blessed that i have somewhere to live and a wonderful family, my heart goes out to all the people that have lost family and friends and houses and of course livestock and pets


    Great to have everyone on board. :tup:

    Donating to a good cause is always a great idea, Mary Doll.

    I got a few more things done this weekend, got a bit waylaid on Sunday but had a nice social day anyways! This week my aim is to unload some paperwork that is clogging up my desk and to clear out the laundry. I have a laundry basket full of shoes that I never wear.

    What are your goals for this week? I think an smaller goal is easier to achieve and easier to get started with.


    I think that if it’s usable then send it right to the nearest collection base for the fire victims, or flood victims, whichever are closer to you. So many people who will need everything, and I mean everything, replaced ….

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 71 total)
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