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February Challenge – Clear It Out!

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    I am definately joining this challenge.I need to get my house sorted out.I wanted to get started earlier but have been busy.Now the kids are back at school I am so motivated to get organized.:metal:

    Off to start now.I have a box of stuff to list on ebay.I need to take photo’s first.;)

    Be backe later with an update.


    Good to hear it. LB:tup:

    How is everyone going?

    To update on my progress: that room DS referred to as ‘the junk room’ is now empty, so empty, in fact that, we could put someone in there as a guest room. I gave 6 boxes to Salvos and several smaller bags to Lifeline. While we were at Salvos, we bought a $7 bike for DS – he was pretty chuffed!

    The stuff that was in the room has been sorted into other locations or given away. Other storage areas were sorted at the same time and now we have space there also.

    It feels so free – what’s stopping you? Any challenges? Any joys?


    well I am off to a running start:tup:. Since we have been stuck here i have sorted heaps of stuff.

    I have sorted DS#2&3 clothes; sorted the kitchen drawers: fixed all the mending; sorted a storage table; the cyclone helped us declutter the back verandah:lol:; have sorted the linen cupboard and sorted the baby’s toys to be age appropriate.

    Still aiming for a couple of cupboards in the kitchen and the bookshelf.

    I am currently going thru my cookbooks to get out recipes that may be ok. If a book doesn’t have many/any of interest, I copy out what I want and rehouse the book.

    Have several bags in the shed and car to go to town (when we eventually make it that far:|)

    So I am well and truly IN:tup:

    mary dollmary doll

    i started to declutter my bathroom after our inlaws moved in with us me and hubby moved into the spare room. (that was June last year)

    i had so much junk in my bathroom i put it all into a box (marked box a) when i use something it then goes from box a into box b. by June this year whatever is left in box a is getting chucked out. I figure if i havent used it in a year i am never going to need it. I have told family and friends not to buy me any type of beauty product ever again. I am so sick of having things that i dont use/need. I came to the conculsion today that i have been trying console/fix/make myself feel good from the outside in. ( talk about the light bulb moment) I have decided to start working from the inside. I have been sitting here tonight thinking about the aspects of my life that need changing. so not only am i only going to declutter my house but also declutter my life.

    so far I am loving 2009


    Is it cheating to get the removalists in and empty the house?:lol::lol:;)


    Um, think the flood will declutter a lot of stuff here:uhoh:…………..can see a MASSIVE clean out coming on.


    you may be right – make sure you have a rake handy – I found it very useful for capturing things as they floated out of the house …


    I have the laundry and kitchen cupboards to go. Lounge done, bedrooms done, bathroom done, backyard done, dining room done, garage done!!! 5 big black garbage bags of clothes to the op shop and another bag of other ‘stuff’ and 4 garbage bags of junk headed for landfill :shy:

    Now we have nothing and I’m going shopping for clothes 😆 (kidding)


    A friend of mine has a moving clean out every year. She pretends she’s moving and clears out everything that hasn’t been touched in that year. She keeps on top of her house that way. Did try it but for some reason it didn’t work here:D

    Hubby said he would get into his shed incase we move but that was a year ago and all he did was move stuff and put them in the trailer. He said the other day he would start on the shed but we will see:shrug:


    Robyne yr DS sounds like mine – the shed is always in a state of perpetual clean out. But all that means is he moves stuff around – and then I can’t find it when I need it:o

    My hands itch to get in there………….but I stay out:shrug:


    I came to the conculsion today that i have been trying console/fix/make myself feel good from the outside in. ( talk about the light bulb moment) I have decided to start working from the inside. I have been sitting here tonight thinking about the aspects of my life that need changing. so not only am i only going to declutter my house but also declutter my life.

    WOW Mary Doll that is a REALLY big lightbulb moment. Hope 2009 is full of wonderful personal discoveries and successes for you.:hug:

    Sorry to go off topic but I was just so impressed with that paragraph.:shy:


    The decluttering is going well with more stuff sold on ebay last week and more cash in the bank to help pay off the new car we bought yesterday.:jawdrop:

    The garage looks great with all the unused camping gear and motorbikes and riding gear sold, junk tossed or recycled, and everything else sorted into plastic storage crates.

    I threw out old xrays dating back to the early 90’s.(what was I thinking keeping them all??)

    Guest room wardrobe is sorted and I now have space to hang the winter clothes when I don’t need them(most of the year)

    Main wardrobe is sorted out on the top shelf but still have to sort through clothes in our room.

    Kitchen is done except for pantry, need to sort out of date food and stuff we are never going to use again.

    Freezer defrosted and cleaned and am now restocking.

    My goal today and tomorrow is to get bathroom, ensuite and laundry sorted.

    I think the biggest thing I can do this year to stop clutter from coming into my house is to keep out of the op shop.:lol:


    I’m signing up for this one too as I need some space back! I have a studio that I’m cramming myself into & cant find half of the stuff I really need so I’m sorted, selling & donating my way through this month.


    That’s great, Mary Doll. Good luck!

    OK. So some have started and some are starting. What are you starters going to tackle this weekend?

    And while we are on the topic of hoarding friends/husbands/kids etc, does anyone have a really surefire method of getting them started?

    I quite liked the method of a lovely Japanese lady I read about. Her apartments were always small. She could fit all her clothes into one suitcase. If she wanted to buy an item of clothing or an accessory, she first had to decide what she had to turf out. Her other things were looked at item by item once each year. If an item had not been touched for that year, out it went. It is amazing how little we really need to live with.


    :clap: to others!

    I’ve done the food pantry, both large and little sheds all tidied, organised and labelled! Carport all tidied up with a trailer full of rubbish waiting to be towed to the tip. :tup:

    There’s a corner in the large shed with all items I know that can be re-used, so leaving it for time being until the trailer’s empty before taking it to the tender centre – it is like a massive garage sale warehouse It is quite good, we’ve sold all we put in there last year no problem. Which is really much easier because we only need to put items there, listed them with reserved prices. Then a week later or so, the centre will call us to inform the bids, etc.

    And some items will go via freecycle here in Central Coast anyway.

    Only two more to go – my kitchen cupboard: the corner ones, I hate them so have to find a way to make the spaces useful. Any ideas?

    And my bookcase.

    The whole house’s tidied, purged and cleaned up now that it’s so nice walking through knowing I don’t have to do much for at least a year. Just have to work on relatives to reduce on amount of gifts they bequest on kids :p

    Keep it going!

    Now just the next thing after kitchen and bookcase is my massive gardens!! 😮

    Cheers! :hug:

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 71 total)
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