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Favourite Recipe Swap – 2009

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    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Oh Margo. Not having a lot of luck are you. Think “paradise” or some such.


    LAdy B what’s really embarassing is that I know the postcode and suburb!!! But still can’t get it right :p

    Kais MummyKais Mummy

    Well done littlelionsma,yes it was me!!!!

    I am so glad you liked them as they are some of our favourites,I also made the coconut loaf here on saturday afternoon and it did not last long, hot out of the oven with butter melting on it!!!

    And the scones…well they dont last very long at all!!!

    Happy Cooking!!!!


    I have astonished myself and posted mine off this afternoon – late. Just as the post office was closing. So it should be winging its way ‘overseas’ (lol) once they get to the coast.

    Hope my Swap Buddie enjoys it as much as I enjoyed compiling it (despite the stress of time constraints …:lol::lol: I’m not used to that these days … 😆 )

    boy wranglerboy wrangler

    Mine is now in the hands of Australia Post! Hope it finds it’s way to you soon!!!!!


    Mine’s posted too


    I am so, so sorry – I’ve been caught up in a new venture and forgot how late in the month it is. Thankfully I did my recipes up about a week or so ago, then the printer ran out of ink – on the same day that the child broke the laminator :@

    So glad I made the time to pop in here again tonight. The printer has now been re-inked and I’ve got to go into town on Wednesday so I’ll pop ’em in the post then. Sorry for the delay SB. Sadly the laminator could not be repaired so they’ll just be on paper that can get grubby and stained and wet and have the new ink run and …..



    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Don’t panic. You’ve got till the end of the week to post before you’re officially late.

    Which reminds me. I’d better get away from family history for a while and back to recipes. :uhoh:


    I am still typing mine up. Tues/Wed/Thurs are busy days for me so may not get them finished in time to post by Fri.:shrug:

    Will get typing again now:tup:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Posted mine on Monday.


    Posted mine yesterday arvo. Hope you like them SB :hug:

    Kais Mummy, that is exactly what happened to the coconut loaf here too..the shameful thing is my little lion only got about one piece…guess who got the rest? :shy: The scones lasted a bit longer cause I shoved em in the freezer to keep my greedy mits off em! 😆

    Great recipes and nice and simple..thanks again :hug:


    i put my recipes in the post this morning….hopefully they will arrive by the beginning of next week.


    Posted yesterday 🙂


    YAY! A surprise was waiting for me in the letterbox this afternoon!

    I’ve received a lovely recipe booklet full of wonderful family recipes PLUS a fabulous homemade bag! My 9yo DD is in love with the bag – and I think it is great too! We both love the little pockets all around the outside! Am feeling very spoiled. :shy: Will try to get a photo up soon – camera batteries are flat and I don’t know where the charger is right now. :confused:

    So thank you thank you thank you swap buddy! :kiss1: And now for the guess – I am almost 100% certain my swap buddy is Herbman – my clues were a Mt Cotton address and one of Oma’s recipes included in the booklet. Incidentally, my family background is German so I had an Oma and Opa too!

    And to my swap buddy – I am just finalising your recipes and will have them in the mail before Friday! It is VERY hard to decide which are my fave’s – I love food and have a lot of fave’s to choose from! 😆 Trying for a mix of quick and easy and decadent delights. :rol:


    Am so glad you like it HFF.

    I didn’t think until afterwards that I should have put my parents’ or son’s address as the return address because then it wouldn’t have been so obvious.

    Know how you feel about choosing faves – In case you can’t tell, I had the same problems 😆

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 235 total)
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