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    Hi Folks, just wanted to throw something out there, not sure if it has already been done, but I came across an article in the New York Times:

    which I think was a very interesting challenge.

    That is, to only wear 6 pieces of clothing for a month. Now some of you I know already do this on a regular basis but I thought it was a challenge that I would like to take up and I have put the above url in for you guys to have a squiz at. Let me know what you think. Some work, some of us are at home, some of us do hard yakka that means we get dirty a lot. So I thought we could come up with ideas for cleaning, managing and picking clothes to be successful with this challenge.

    Cheers Tina 😀


    i read an article about a woman who made a brown dress and wore it every day for a year.

    i rather wish i had more than 6 items that would fit my expandingness.

    i have made a real effort to wear overalls when i’m going to do something dirty or rough (pruning roses etc) to avoid trashing other clothes. that has worked quite well and i don’t feel that i need to wash them all the time because they are only for grotty work.


    thats me always :shrug: I wear the same yard clothes – 1 respite day dress – and 1 going out dress 😆

    and I only own 1 pair of shoes only worn for going out -long story ……..the had to be specially made and the govt will only pay for 1 pair :geek:



    If I looked as good as the woman in the article in denim shorts and a black tank top I would happily wear them every day ;):lol:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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