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fabric query

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    can anyone tell me what type of fabric floursack in the usa is

    my dd has friends getting engaged or married this year and they all want sets of dishtowels done in the weekday sets of embroideries

    calico was not much good despite washing then rinsing iwith vinegar

    thanks so much in advance


    I think they used the old type of Calico no longer available

    a linen might be the closet you can get.


    What about using onsaburg fabric? Its sort of a cross between calico and aida but using natural fibres – I think. I did buy some from Spotlight, but that was years ago, so whether they still sell it I dont know.


    great thank you

    i shall have a look


    Hi luvin :wave:

    Not sure if I am on the right track but caught the wrong train, but Scarecrow makes clothes for me out of real flour sacks and they seem to be like very thick calico ie like really starched bandages. :shrug:

    There is a thread elsewhere about the shorts. 😀

    If you can not get them (the flour bags) in QLD, PM me because I have a few that I could send you – I use them for all sorts of storage bags if that is any help.

    baggingly yours



    thanks doc,to be honest i have not seen any flour bags like you are talking about,our flour in bulk comes in like a cardboard paper type

    thank you again


    Sorry, I forgot, Laucke (the flour people in SA) supply their bulk flour in real sacks here in SA. That is how we get them. Not sure if they go interstate :shrug:

    Scarecrow (once empty) cuts them up and joins them – you know what I mean, to make a usable material to make my shorts and shirts from mainly for in the workshop although I have been sprung many times down the street :geek:

    Like I said, it feels like starched calico like the brand new triangular bandages you get in your first aid kit.

    Must admit, I would look a little less cute running around in shorts made from paper 😀

    starchingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Posted your animals today :tup:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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