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    My friend bought about 10 ex caged hens about 3 months ago. There were two eggs in the boxes when he got them home and two eggs were laid over the next two days. Then nothing. I’ve had 3 of the hens for the past week to see if they’d lay here, and still, nothing.

    My theory is that the farm has had them laying for probably 2 years constantly, with artifical lighting. And have gotten rid of them when they’ve stopped or slowed down to practically nothing.

    What do you think?

    I’ve had ex caged hens before and they continued to lay fairly well > 3 or 4 eggs a week for a couple more years.


    3 months ago would have put them near the end of winter and they were pulled out into the real world. With the funny weather patterns of recent, my girls have been all over the place with their laying. ( they don’t know what season it is) I would give them some time. I have had rescue hens and they took a bit to get on their feet before they started laying again, but I received them in November in a regular year, before the weather went all funny.

    Just give them some time.


    yeah, I’m happy for them to just enjoy their lives scratching and eating insects 🙂 My friend is getting impatient!


    We bought ex egg farm chooks…ours came from a supposedly RSPCA approved ‘free range’ farm but the person who picked them up for me said the conditions were appalling…filthy, dark & overcrowded, anyway our girls were very tatty, hardly any feathers on their backs, tails etc, toenails encrusted with rock hard balls of dried mud & poo & one had rattly breathing…they stopped laying(someone told me they only keep them until their first moult?), this was late winter/early spring last year and it took a few weeks of good food, fresh air etc before they sarted laying again, they lay plenty of eggs now!

    Every time I see them lying in the sun, having a dust bath and wandering around in the paddocks scratching to their hearts’ content I feel glad that we rescued them…


    We did the same thing. Rescued 3 Isa’s from an egg farm when they were in their first moult. They couldnt feed on bugs etc because there beaks were snipped. They didnt lay for a few months. They are now 2 years old and their beaks have grown back and they lay every day. One of them has become a mummy and they are very happy. Feels good.


    I would vote for giving them a bit more time too. What are you feeding them? Perhaps some chookie friendly herbs would do them some good? Comfrey, chives, parsley etc

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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